Do you experience paresthesia / pins & needles? (Pre-Medication)

  • Yes I do
  • No I don’t

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Yes I do. Often. A lot of the time. But one location I know is old injury pre-dates MAV by at least 20 years I’d say AND Pins n needles can be a symptom of some preventatives. Propranolol which I take for one so sometimes I think it’s all too easy to blame MAV for everything when it just might not be the case. Med sensitivity is another one. Lots of non MAVees are also hyper sensitive to drugs at extremely low dosage. Very hard sometimesto know what is causing what. Helen

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True. I was hoping people would vote on their symptoms pre-medication. I don’t take any but I get pins & needles a couple of times per week. This is a MAV symptom for me as I never had it prior to this sh*t.

Perhaps you should have made that clearer. I suspect people would write up right n now. As I said with me one pins n needles location was pre-MAV BUT i guess the rest comes to me from meds not MAV.

Just for you :grimacing:

No. Just for You surely if that was what you were trying to establish. That’s the trouble with symptoms. People very soon forget. True precision can only be captured in real-time otherwise all one can do is be as specific as possible and hope the results are near accurate. Helen

I get this when my migraines go full on ! I was diagnosed as having b12 deficiency which was wrong !

Numb hands, face and tongue are items I track in my symptoms log. I use the numbness in my right hand to gauge my thresholds and as a measure of when I need to reduce activity. If my hand goes numb at the gym I slow to a walk. If it gets better I speed back up. If it gets worse or spreads I go home and take a rescue med. My first brain stem aura, around 18 years ago, included a numb right hand, plus aphasia, facial numbness, migraine and loss of consciousness plus a CAT scan and one wildly panicked spouse. Topirimate turned the numbness in that hand from discrete aura symptom to reliable MAV intensity gauge.

Oh, if we are talking numbness as opposed to pins n needles I noticed just this last year or so (after 15+ years of attacks) I now always experience numbness in parts of certain fingers before an acute attack. Sometimes, usually, it clears before the attack really kicks in, sometimes later. For me definitely comes from the MAV. I’m coming to accept it along with the drippy nose, irritability and lack of appetite as part of the warning signs an attack is imminent. All that comes long before any visual aura if any. Helen

We’re always trying to parse terms here. My hand never goes completely numb, but it does do pins and needles and then partial numbness particularly in a square on the top side. We’ll drive ourselves nuts trying to parse every nuance. Though the categories always seem too broad. MAV is as unique to each individual as we are to each other.

I understand. I’m just trying to gather if there is a commonality of the main symptoms to hone my research.