Do you feel "slow" in the head?

Wondering if you also feel slow in the head after an attack? Having a hard time coping if many things happends at once…like constant “brain overload”.

Have difficulty concentrating. I do alot of stupid/simple mistakes. For exmepel I could put the bread in the fridge and the cheese where the bread should be.
Of course, such mistakes can be done otherwise with. But now I do so often, after an attack.

And a constant fuzzy feeling in the head, as if it was filled with cotton.

Anyone recognize these symptoms?

Unfortunately all I can say is that yes, I have that 24/7 (don’t really get “attacks” and both me and my doctor are both pretty sure it’s something other than MAV), and that those symptoms seem to be common to all uncompensated vestibular injuries. :frowning:

Yes I have this, but more so when this illness first began. It has gotten better with time and vestibular therapy, but I still have my moments. (I was diagnosed with labyrinthitis but could be MAV. My doc is not 100% sure)

My doctor said the reason for my brain fog was due to my brain activating the “cerebellar clamp”. It’s a process in which the brain turns off the incorrect signals being received from the ears (in my case, my right ear is “weak” by 28%). This makes the dizziness ease up, but can cause instability. The clamp can remain for days to weeks and then slowly releases as your brain starts allowing the signals from your ears to be received again. Anyway, my doctor said between the clamp being activated and my brain just being overwhelmed in general with the illness and trying to function, that’s what caused my lack of concentration, brain fog, making simple mistakes, etc. It made sense for my particular condition, but I’m not sure if this is true of everyone.