Do you guys feel better/worse/the same in passive motion?

I noticed I feel slightly better/the same when in a car, train, etc. I don’t know if this is just because I don’t notice the rocking because of the bumping of the vehicle or what. I guess I’m confused because I know that’s a feature of MdDS but I was wondering if people with VM can also feel better in passive motion?

When I was sick, my vestibular symptoms significantly eased when driving a car or riding a bicycle.

However, they also went away when running.

Yes my symptoms went away when in passive motion. I was convinced it was MdDS for 2 years. However it got ossilopsia and had rotator virtigo as well. Dr Surenthiran advised that it’s can still be migraine even with the passive motion thing. Venlafaxine has basically cured me.

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