Do you think mard causes brain damage?

It worries me when I read studies that show regular migraines cause brain damage similar to tias I know with mard it’s a little bit different than on traditional presentations of migraines. Still, do you think that hypoxia conditions are being created in the brain during .mard attacks?

migrainous headaches ARE NOT associated with cognitive declines according to the latest research I read

Read where, Dougiedd?

Unfortunately, there is evidence that migraine can in fact cause brain damage. I’ve seen another paper where they think it’s more a potential problem for those who experience aura.

“Migraines may be doing more than causing people skull-splitting pain. Scientists have found evidence that the headaches may also be acting like tiny transient strokes, leaving parts of the brain starved for oxygen and altering the brain in significant ways … normally, the focus of migraine treatment is to reduce the pain. We’re saying that migraines may be causing brain damage, and that the focus should be on prevention, which will stop not only the pain but also minimize potential damage,” said Maiken Nedergaard, M.D., PhD."

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I’ve read that study on spreading cortical depression as being the basis of brain damage in migraines. However, I have also read studies that say neurons are able to withstand SCD.

“Spreading depression is not associated with neuronal injury in the normal brain” … 9388910621

In another study, “Cortical Spreading Depression Protects Against Subsequent Focal Cerebral Ischemia in Rats” … 0027a.html

Another good review is shown here:
“Clinical relevance of cortical spreading depression in neurological disorders: migraine, malignant stroke, subarachnoid and intracranial hemorrhage, and traumatic brain injury” … 0191a.html

If you read through this study, you get the underlying message that in a normal brain, one does not expect hypoxic damage to occur in neurons. However, if the brain is subjected to a traumatic brain injury or stroke, the energy metabolism is affected greatly enough that the cortical spreading depression will lead to brain damage.

In addition, “Migraine Does Not Affect Cognitive Decline: Results From the Maastricht Aging Study” … 572.x/full

“Migraine and cognitive decline in the population-based EVA study”

Two studies I found showed that there was no accelerated rate of cognitive decline in patients with migraine.

Also, in regards to the first concept, it’s not entirely clear if patients without aura have cortical spreading depression. I don’t know if one considers MAV symptoms to be an aura or a primary migrainous event, or a migrane at all. Currently MAV isn’t considered an official diagnosis of migraine, and might actually be a completely different etiology stemming from a neurotransmitter issue with no neurovascular involvement.

There are studies that show people with migraine with aura have a higher risk of stroke, and in addition there seems to be a concentration of lesions in certain subpopulations of migrainous patients, probably those with the more severe auras. But the studies showing no related cognitive decline probably rule out any significant brain damage being attributed to migraine. Although the increased risk of stroke is something to be concerned about, and one should probably control other risk factors of stroke to lessen the risk. Don’t smoke, exercise regularly, eat well, etc. etc.

here is one more to add to that list: