Do you think the changes are due to menopause

I am really searching for answers regarding these questions.

With those of us who are Migraineurs does some of these changes, if not all of them happen when we enter peri menopause or menopause and what is the cause of that.

I have had the headache part of this for well over ten years but the vertigo, waves, off balance issues only showed up over the past year and a half.

When my doctor first checked my hormone levels they were within the normal range, but if you look at the range it goes from 25 to 420, so who is to say that what would be normal for one person may not be normal for another depending upon a number of factors. Mine was 52 in September and was down to 32 last month. So perhaps 52 was low for me all along. And when they started dropping, the symptoms of my migraines started to change also.

So does this change in the hormones change the way our migraines react or do they manifest themselves into a different form once these changes start within the body?

Many women I know experience some of the same symptoms we are experiencing during the menopause years and I cannot help but think that somehow this is all intertwined in some form, especially as it applies to women and the fluctuating of their hormone levels.

And then can your hormone levels be affected by stress which is also a huge trigger for most of us here so it becomes a viscous cycle?

Just something I have been wondering since I see so many women on another board with some of these symptoms that we experience. Is theirs all hormones or are they really suffering from something else?

Timeless, as I recently wrote in another post about menopause my severe vertigo didn’t start until about 2-3 years after my last period. Prior to that I suffered from occassional severe migraine headaches lasting 4-5 days as well as motion sickness/intolerance. The severe migraine headaches have disappeared except for one minor one that I had after one of my vertigo attacks, though I still get headaches on an almost daily basis but I don’t consider them migraines. The motion sickness/intolerance is still there, almost constantly.

I think most doctors will agree that hormones/menopause/pregnancy all affect migraines but I don’t understand why the change from headaches to vertigo after menopause and/or I don’t really know if that is what is happening in my case. I have read migraines can change form after menopause but can’t find where I read that and can’t really find too much about it now when I do a search for it. Mostly what I read is there is a “dramatic decrease” in migraine headaches after menopause. I would love to know more about this.

I’ve never had my numbers done so don’t know what I am or ever was. I’m a little perturbed at my ob/gyn for not doing this for me 5 years ago when I started with a lot of menopause symptoms.