Doc said to wean off cbd oil

Hello all, yesterday i went to see a neuro ophthalmologist for my visual snow. He said it will eventually go away once my vestibular and anxiety is better/has calmed down. I told him I was taking cbd oil for anxiety, he didn’t seem to happy about that, he said that i needed to wean myself off cbd oil. Now, i was thinking of doing this anyway as i was afraid that it was slowing down my compensation time. I didnt take it last night and had the worst sleep and a sinus headache. Idk if the headache is also due to the fact that im trying to fight a cold and allergies. Just wanted to get your opinion. Should i stop? What other things can i take for sleep? Thank you.

Amitriptyline is used for sleep though I’m not sure what its interactions are with your meds. It might also replace Meclizine for you as is an effective vestibular suppressant.

Seems kind of strange, did he give a reason? My Neurologist said is fine to take, just expensive.

Im only taking metformin for my diabetes. Im not taking meclizine. Im taking cbd for anxiety and sleep because i was really bad at the beginning of this. Idk if the cbd oil can hinder compensation which is why i was thinking of stopping, though the lack of sleep really affects me.

Meclizine is on your user card. :slight_smile:

No he didn’t. He said he didn’t know anything about cbd, that as long as i was prescribed by a doc he had no prob but to try to wean off. I bought it on my own. Its Charlotte’s Web. He didn’t seem to open to it.

You are right, i was taking that in the beginning but i have now stopped. Want my brain to compensate.

Good plan!!

my neuro told me “we definitively know it works for epilepsy, for the others we dont know, but we are ready”, and she just said that i used it i should know that i could test positive. I also use charlottes web. I think it helps me.

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Well, it seems it really helps you a lot, I’d push for continuing it if I were you. My Neurologist says many of his patients swear by CBD as well. He says from a scientific perspective its just really hard to study because of all the different complicated compounds in CBD. So he can’t really proscribe it, but he doesn’t deny it seems to help a lot of people.

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Melatonin helps sleep and over the counter. If CBD works no reason to stop. Is it 0% THC then you can keep it.

Im glad you have some that is open to it. Yes CW has helped me so much. I couldn’t sleep, i would cry all the time, i would up with my whole body shaking, i couldn’t drink out of a cup because my mouth was trembling so bad.

Cbd oil has been extremely helpful for me. Glad you neuro is open to it. I wish more were open to it. Yeah ive read so many people saying how it has helped their anxiety which is why i started taking in the first place.

I believe Charlottes Webb has 0.3% of tch. I don’t think thats much, though i haven’t tried one that has no tch, wondering if it’ll have the same effect. Ill look into melatonin as well. Thank you.

just fyi melatonin needs to be taken just for a few days and in small dossages, else it alters your naturally producing melatonin

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Probably good point here. I’m very dubious of many alternative products personally. Read recently about a menopausal woman who took Evening Primrose Oil which she much later discovered was excess to her requirements and eventually affected DOA Inhibitors which (by this time, with no knowledge of chemistry I was pretty much lost) resulted in histamine intolerance and the Amitriptyline she’d taken for six years successfully to control migraine stopped working, it seems topping up,one thing, can totally unbalance others, the body’s chemistry being so closely interwoven,

Yeah, I’ve used a slow release 3mg which seems pretty minimal, but effective. I don’t use it anymore though it just makes me groggy.

Thanks so much @SolarVivi this is reassuring so the visual snow definatley goes away? :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the tips on melatonin. Ive decided to skip cbd for a week to see how i do. If i feel crappy the will definitely start up again, even if it means it’ll take a little longer to recover.
Amy, he told me that as a migrainor ive always had some heightened visual issues, ex. when seeing a white wall, and ive realized this is true because before this happened i would see snow when i closed my eyes, i just didn’t know that this is what it was, i thought it was normal. He said because of the shock and anxiety the vestibular issue cause it exacerbated vs that was already there and that once i get my vestibular issues and anxiety under control the vs would disappear. Im holding on to this hope, as vs is awful.

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i read that 1 mg is enough.