Hi all
I am planning to see a doctor specialize in diagnosing Vestibular Migraine
I live in bahrain a small country in GCC and hour trip by airplane to Dubai
So travelling to USA is a more than day trip
Travel to london is 7 hours
I need suggestion to doctors names and clinics that are best in this illness

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Dr Hain (Chicago) is a leading US specialist.
Dr Silver (Liverpool) Walton Centre UK
Dr. Surenthiran (SE England/London)

These are some of the names that come to mind on this site that members rate as top specialists. You can find their private clinics by googling their names.

Thanks alot
Is doctor S working in this hospital
Greater London, BMI The Blackheath Hospital
And how much it costs for consultation plz

I think that Dr. Surenthiran sees private patients at BMI Blackheath, BMI Fawkham Manor and Spire Health Tunbridge Wells (and perhaps Spire Alexandra Hospital). I think the cost of a long diagnosis appointment (forty five minutes ish) is about £298 to £330 but on the BMI site if you look up to the right hand side there is an “enquire” box and you can email in an enquiry about time slots and prices.

Good luck

Thanks alot
That is pricy for sure but hope it is worth it
Normal when i see a doctor they dont bother to take 10 mins into talking and diagnosis
So it is nice that he take his time in diagnosis the patients


Make sure when you go you bring along a symptoms log showing how you’ve felt for a full month. Write down when you had headaches and how severe they were, when you felt dizzy or nauseated, if your ears or nose felt painful or stuffy and anything else out of the usual. If possible, send your information in to the doctor before your appointment. Tell him how long you’ve felt this way and any remedies you might have tried. Give him as much information beforehand as you can. And bring a list of questions with you. Consider recording the appointment so you can refer to it later.

Dr S. is clearly good but there is nothing particularly special about his protocol afaik? Many oto-neurologists in the UK and US would also prescribe the same especially those based at any of the major balance clinics. Each may have particular bias on prescribed medication but they would all explore the usual Beta Blockers, antidepressants and anti convulsants and the 6Cs diet.

Travelling to another country is pretty extreme just to see a specialist.

Travelling to another country to see a specific doctor because you believe he focuses on diagnosing a particular condition is also not advisable. You should be diagnosed objectively.

Obviously if you go to someone who tends to diagnose people wth a specific condition you are rather loading the result by doing so.

Why not see someone more locally and try the well documented protocol in any case?

Thank you so much
I think that at the moment i need to see a doctor accurate diagnose
Os far
I have done balance tests and all of them came normal except for rotary chair which shows crestal disloged
One more thing is that since my attack i had several diagnosis
Vestibular neuritis
Vestibular hypofunction
Crevical vertigo
Minerars disease
Vestibular migraine
I do have bppv accourding to the test
Vestibular neurtitis No according to the test
Vestibular hypofunction No to the test
Still confused to have minears disease since i dont get tittunis and loss of hearing
Very confusing is that our doctors are not ecperienced well enough
So i really dont know what to do
I went to a neurologest for a possible MAV
He is said MAV is rare and i dont have it but i am possibliliy having meinier disease - early stages and gave me betaserc
I am confused since no doctor is giving an accurate diagnose and it is for them a guess game
Any advise
I went for the neuro to modify my dose for MAV he said this is not MAV :disappointed:

Welcome to vestibular medicine! I refer you back to my previous post on that matter.

sorry to hear, but do you have a primary doctor you can go? Maybe they are more open to try the mav protocol and you can see if it works. Since all the tests are normal, you can try the protocol managed by a primary care provider. Also, if crystals are disloged, did they do the epley manouver or something to put them
back? I agree with @turnitaround that travelling seems pretty extreme, maybe you can try to have a phone call appointment first and then decide to travel.

Ok got it.

Can you seek help of another local specialist? In any case you won’t be able to get drugs sent over from UK or US.

You need to find a doctor who will explore all options to achieve relief regardless of actual diagnosis.

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Please may I be allowed to SHOUT. I’ve never had any of those tests listed (just CT and MRI scan) and I have NEVER been given a DEFINITE DIAGNOSIS. All I’ve ever had is two different specialists telling me it’s “Probable Migraine Associated Vertigo’. And no it’s no ideal but following MAV protocol I’m 85% better and improving still slowly. Helen


Yes, Helen, which is why Haya needs to do two things as top priority:

  • accept that sometimes diagnoses of vestibular conditions are a bit uncertain/vague
  • find a local doctor who is prepared to treat for MAV to explore if the treatment is effective.

I think you only find out if it is effective by actually doing it.


Well they do say if the preventatives work, it was MAV you had in the first place! Retrospective diagnosis?

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I just when to another neuro Again he is convinced i have inner ear issues rather than MAV
I was prscribed Piracetam medicine
Are fimiliar with this med

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I have tried piracetam, it is a Nootropic does not help MAV.

Did it help with the symptoms
Dizziness and rocking sensation ؟

Venlafaxine helped a lot. Ask your doc for it.

Hi Haya,
some neuro-otologist in Dubai (from google)

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