Does a VNG test determine SCDS?

I’ve read some conflicting info about this subject. Does anyone have any knowledge of VNG tests and whether they can determine SCDS? Or is a CT scan the only way to determine SCDS?

According to Hopkins Clinic

”A CT scan of the inner ears (temporal bones) is essential to the diagnosis - diagnosis of SCDS that is.

Ok, so to officially diagnose a CT scan is essential.

Will a VNG give results for instance, “Possible SCDS. Get a CT scan to officially rule it out.” ?

Not a clue. Never had one. Maybe you better wait and see. Then you can tell us. All I know is I had a CT scan which ruled out SDCS. Somebody else may have a much better idea.

SCDS is extremely rare, 154/27000 I’ve seen quoted. VM is common. I think 3% of general population experience migraine and n% of those develop VM. Then there are all the others who were never diagnosed with migraine in the first place. Apparently more get missed than diagnosed total.

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I have had a VNG test done, they found I did have sound induced nystagmus and proceeded to ask for another ct scan to determine if I had SCDS. Turns out I do not have it and that symptoms amoung others were caused from c1-c2 sublaxations.

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