Does any of these symptoms sound familiar to anyone on here....

Hi every one
Ok so I have not have any diagnosis or anything but I’d like to tell my situation … 5 yrs ago one fri evening was my very first weird experience I was putting clothes away and leaning over a bed n I thought omg I think I’m gonna get dizzy so I sat down on the bed and I let the feeling take over me … it was awful probably only lasted a min but felt like 10 it felt like my eyes were bouncing mad in my head but looking at a mirror they weren’t… it frightened me and I went to doc who straight away said said vertigo n sent me home wit circ. Over 3 yrs I had a couple of instance not many but a couple where I thought that dizzy feeling was about to happen so I would panic n get straight up and busy myself so I wouldn’t let it take over my body and it didn’t . Then July last yr 2017 I got a bad head cold my ears were popping and my head was what I can describe as woozy constantly I thought maybe I had fluid in my ear so I went to doc she checked and I had so sent me away with meds for same . So after 2 wks the woozy/dizzy feeling stopped to my delighted but returned about 3 weeks later and stayed for 3 months solid it’s more annoying than anything my doc keeps saying it’s vertigo so I asked for an mri which all came back clear on my brain bit of wear and tear on my neck and so i started acupuncture and got great relief for a few months but once again it returned … i can be woozy/dizzy for days and weeks at a time i find my periods can be a worse time at the moment I’m in the middle of a period and am dizzy for the last wk or so have headaches that are not so much headaches but trickly pains that come n go I get a tingly feeling at times on my head . I just read this forum n I am thinking all this is what ye are all suffering does anyone think or have similar issues … I just associated migraines wit a headache that passes after a day or so this crap goes on for wks some days … also if it’s the worst thing that happens to me in life then great but I’m just curious to see if it is what ye all have been diagnosed with …also I no this is not a medical forum n I need a diagnosis from a professional but u no docs they fob u off all the time … hope it’s not too long winded and someone can help …

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Hi, and Welcome. In direct answer to yr question, yes you could certainly be One of Us. Though I love yr positive attitude - ‘if that’s the worst thing that ever happens’. Well done. If you hvn’t already done so do have a read of the Welcome and Wiki section, and also check out a detailed list of MAV symptoms. You will find links to other professional sites in the above, However, be warned they can vary immensely between individuals and, as you so rightly say yourself you need to get a diagnosis. A neurologist or neuro-otologist is yr best bet there. Best take some notes of yr possible migraine history. They rely alot on that for diagnosis as there’s no specific tests. MAV tends to have strong hormonal links for many females, and for many migraine can be alot more than a day or two of headache. I don’t even get headaches, ‘just’ - and it’s horrid, I’m not belittling it in any way with use of this word - dizziness, vertigo actually. Worse case scenario the vertigo can last weeks/months, even hears for some. The attached you may find informative. I did, Go get diagnosis, you should find support here but whatever you do, try not to fear the vertigo. It’s just an illusion of movement and indicative there’s some vestibular overactivity going on. It’s nothing mysterious. Helen

Thank u for ur reply … I am trying to control it all as best I can by myself I really would prefer not to go down a medicated route as u said it’s a varying illness n if I’m totally honest I’m able to get about daily and dat is where my priority is … getting about my normal day I have a feeling stress is a major factor and I’m trying to fob this all of as nothing so dat it doesn’t get the better of me … I find the less I focus on it which is hard sometimes the less I suffer … I’m grateful for every day that I can go about doing things as normal … and also for all the info u just gave me I will get reading… I don’t get headaches myself only an odd month so dat is why I was wondering does this fit my symptoms … xxx

Welcome to the forum Karen.

There’s an important distinction between a diagnosis and an aetiology. A diagnosis of Migraine Associated Vertigo does not guarantee you are suffering from migraines. It’s also possible migraines are merely part of the symptom spectrum of the condition and not the root cause. Medicine has yet to identify a root cause.

In any case, the ‘MAV Protocol’ is worth pursuing in order to find relief.

Start with diet and stress relief.

Caffeine is a big no-no.

What you write sounds pretty typical. Am I ask you what age group you are in. Can be significant. MAV dies kick in at puberty, post partum, in pre-menopause, at menopause. You get my drift. If you want to try avoiding medication, try a migraine diet, and the recommended lifestyle changes first for a few months. See how it goes. Works with medication for some. Helen

Yes I’m beginning to realise that stressing over it makes it ten times worse … also I was unsure as to me vertigo was always the floor coming up to meet u as an attack but apparently there are different degrees and feeling woozy as I know that is how I’m feeling now is another part of vertigo unbalance if you like I always described it as dizzy but it’s not to me I’m woozy n fast head movements drive me mad at times … at least if I go in having a name of some thing to be investigated it’s a step … but as I say there are worse things in the world right now x

Oh sorry I’m 39 started when I was 38 full time but was creeping into my life slowly at 34 I think …

Please don’t apologise. That’s fine. I wasn’t trying to pry. A lady’s age is her prerogative. It’s just, sometimes, can appear relevant. Could be perimenopause. Hormones beginning to fluctuate as you get thst bit older. You saying that makes me think it’s even more likely it will turn out to be MAV. Since I’ve been researching it, following my own problems starting, I’ve seen patterns, could well be you fall quite neatly into one given your age. Oh, and you’re right MAV does creep, mine did, in fact mine started much like yours. Sudden short bits of vertigo then gradually, over years, mine took a decade, it morphs. Helen

Do u mind me asking u about how u are now as in I think the first episode I had was a typical vertigo but that was the only time that particular episode happened as I feel I let it take grip of me as I didn’t go what was to come but after that if I felt it was about to start i would shake it off for all the world and not let it take over me … now I only have an unbalanced woozy head that can go on for wks and go for wks no mad jumping eyes or anything … does that make sense to u … x

Yes, makes perfect sense to me. It’s not at all uncommon. If it was me, I’d go out that diagnosis if you can, and meanwhile start a migraine diet, lifestyle changes etc. Appended, should be, John Hopkins Diet. Good place to start.

Below, a story you may find interesting and relevant to you.

Thank u so much for all the help today Helen it’s been great talking about it x

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Just home from work and got to read that article it is crazy but it is so me and has explained so much thank u so much for this x

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