Does any of this sound familiar?

Hi all ! The more I am reseraching MAV, the more it seems I’m not alone! I am just wondering if any of the following symptoms sound familiar to anyone? They have been a ‘mystery’ to me for years! In addition to my more severe symptoms, I have these strange ones…I feel dizzy after long walks with cold wind blowing in my ears, I have a lot of trouble travelling in fast elevators (the ‘woosh’ feeling is awful and I keep feeling the ground moving when I get off) I have the same problem flying (the up and down movement makes me feel rotten and disoriented when the plane turns) After long car rides, I often still feel movement like I’m still in a car! If I put hair colour on my head, I get super dizzy within 15 minutes while it’s processing, I get very deep stabbing pains lasting seconds in one ear (although I sometimes also get the same stabbing feeling elsewhere on my head.) I am hoping migraine preventative treatment may ‘tone down’ my motion issues…esppecially in lifts and flying. I’d looooooove a holiday one day!!! Thank you all xx

Oh and one more! After exercise, for about 10 mins my head feels really swimmy. The sensation feels worse if I try to lie down (to do sit ups for something.) And that is on my very best days when I can do things!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes they all sound familiar Aussiegirl. For 15 years I suffered with the walking one. Whilst walking home from work once by the time I almost reached home a man was sat on a wall and as I walked past him he said ‘oh give me ten of what you’ve had’ infering I was drunk. So upsetting it is. Now I can’t even walk round the house. Angela

Hi Angela. I’m so sorry to hear :frowning: are you on any medication? I hope not being able to walk around the house is during an attack and not all the time. Its so hard and unfair this illness!!

Yes, lots of that sounds familiar.At one time I couldn’t stand any cold/wind in my ears so much so that I bought some ear muff things from the Institute for the deaf and I wore them if there was even a slight breeze.
Also car rides used to make me feel SO ill. I used to feel like I was still moving for hours after we had stopped. It was the most awful, nauseating feeling and I just stopped going on any car journeys over about half an hour.
My husband once coloured my hair for me( as I was too ill to go to the hairdressers) and he was so upset as to how dizzy he made me feel. He refused to ever do it again!
I also get sharp stabbing pains in my ears!
We have the strangest symptoms don’t we?
Hope the migraine preventative treatment is successful
Best wishes
Anne x