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Does anybody know if there’s a good book out there on VM/MAV?

Hello all. Does anybody know if there’s a good book out there on VM/MAV? There needs to be if there isn’t. Not so much the remedies but the stories and symptoms etc.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Ant. That’s a good thread you picked up. Timely. Today being Thanksgiving over the pond, posting one’s story which will help somebody else in the future is a way of saying Thank You for the existence of If there’s a book out there I’ve not found it. You’ve certainly identified a gap in the market. I’m sure such a book would be well received and useful. (Perhaps, even some UK GP’s could read it but guess that’s asking too much!). Most of the truly professional medical sites on line have good description of symptoms, and treatment options. I’ve found quite a few of those over the years. I’ll plough through my Bookmarks for you. I assume you’ve read through the Success Stories on here and the Personal Diaries. And, what about you, are you, like me, ‘almost’ a success story, and Do you feel ready to post your Story yet. Helen
Vestibular Migraines: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Sadly, there’s not much. There are quite a few books on general migraine, e.g:

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A couple of top books on migraine

But for MAV/VM your choices are more limited, I’ve only found these:

VM/MAV specific books

Dr. Hain & co have written a chapter on MAV in here:

“Dizziness and Vertigo Across the Lifespan”
More recommended books here

And no doubt MAV will have entries in most books on dizziness and vestibular medicine published today (some of those are in the Recommended Products Page).

I don’t believe regular ‘migraine’ has everything in common with MAV/VM - hence the major difference in levels of dizziness and imbalance and 24/7 symptoms not found in ‘regular’ migraine. Whilst some of the same things apply (control of neurological elements is similar) that’s almost bound not to be the complete story, so having more specific publications makes sense.

Hi thanks for the great suggestions and reply. It’ll keep me busy.

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