Does anybody with MAV have childen or are trying for a baby?

Hi Liv85,
Ive been reading this forum and others similar.
Like you 2years ago, I got married last year and have been reading the posts re MAV and pregnancy as we want to start trying later this year.
Can you advise whether you did try or were put off by all the uncertainty?
I’m currently taking 125mg Nor and 300mg Gab which seem to work well together.
Appart from having a very dry mouth and nightmares where I scream out (and I mean proper scream out) in the night, they are the only symptoms I have.
I dont see my neurologist until May.
Also, Ive heard about taking magnesium and CoQ10. What does it actually do and can you take it while pregnant?
Thanks Helen

Hi, I thought I’d reply as I’m not sure if Liv85 is still on here with me writing the post two years ago. Turns out I got pregnant a month later and was cured until I stopped breastfeeding! I didn’t take any medication or supplements during pregnancy. Please don’t let this illness put you off having a baby, it’s difficult but manageable with help when you really need it (writing this at 2am after a night feed!)


good to hear! what symptoms come back for you after breastfeeding? and how are you managing your MAV now? congrats on your little one!

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