Does anybody with MAV have childen or are trying for a baby?

I’ve had MAV for over a year now and am 26 years old. I’m accepting that I’ll never be back to my previous level of health, so am starting to think long term. One of the things that I’m thinking about is when I decide to have children. Will I cope with pregnancy, a baby -> toddler -> small child etc? If anyone can share their experiences on the matter, I’d be greatly appreciative.

I started having migraines with dizziness about 2 months ago and I’ve been dizzy and totally feeling spaced out 24/7 ever since. I have a 17 month old and I’ve been able to take care of him well at home but before all this started, my husband and I were actually planning to start trying for a second one. Now that I feel like this all the time I’m starting to think we’ll have to postpone that until I find something that makes me feel better. Not much advise here, but I’m also wondering the same thing as you…

Thank you for your response :slight_smile: A month ago I was told to go on Topamax but that I could not get pregnant while taking it because of the damage it would do to the baby. I’ve not started taking it yet because it’d mean having to seriously postpone having a baby. Have you started treatment for your dizziness?

I know, taking any type of drug is scary enough because of side effects, I can imagine it’s even more worrisome about any adverse effects it might have on a developing baby. I haven’t started migraine treatment yet. I’m currently just on an antiviral because my doctor found that I had the Epstein Barr Virus reactivated and she believes that might be the cause of my symptoms. I’m hoping this works and I can come off of it after a few months, if not, I will have to go on a preventative. That means I will also have to seriously postpone having a second baby! It’s just so frustrating and disheartening, isn’t it? Have you been taking anything else to help you with your MAV?

My sister had really bad migraines not mav but just painful headaches for years and she found as soon as she got pregnant her migranes completely vanished she is still breast feeding currently so shes not sure if when she stops her migranes may return!

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My gynecologist actually told me to get pregnant and that my migraines might actually disappear!! He said that hormones are a trigger for migraines and during pregnancy all hormones regulate so that explains why some women are free of migraines during pregnancy.

That’s really reassuring, thank you for telling me :slight_smile:

It’s certainly disheartening. I’ve been trialling different medications since December 2015 (including Propranolol, Beta Blockers, Amitriptyline and others that I can’t remember the name of!) and none of them have worked, so they want me to try stronger medication. My doctor said that the medication would stop a baby’s brain from developing. :confused: It’s great to know that you can care for your 17 month old with it though, and that your gynecologist recommended getting pregnant!

Yes, I have two children. 9 and 7 years old. My problems started about 3 months before I got pregnant with my first. I had no idea what the problem was…it took almost 10 years to figure it out…but I did just fine with both pregnancies. If anything I felt better when I was pregnant. Way less dizzy days, and after the first trimester I had almost zero headaches. I’m just one example, but you should know all will be okay when you’re ready to have babies. I will say that my migraines and dizziness have gotten worse over the years, so I am grateful that I had my children when I did. I couldn’t do it now at almost 40. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your support and for sharing your experience, it’s really reassuring :slight_smile:

I just wanted to chime in here! I have migraine free pregnancies, which is awesome. They even stay away for me a few months after giving birth. The problem is my issues do seem to flare back up about 8 months after birth, which can be super challenging. I do have trouble caring for my kids and depend a great deal on my husband at the moment. I would imagine that will get easier as they get a bit older. It is far from ideal, but I wouldn’t go back in time and do anything any differently. Hope that helps! Feel free to ask any questions if you have them.

Thank you for your comment, it’s great to know that you had migraine-free pregnancies. Did you find that your migraines stayed away while breastfeeding too? Also, are you able to care for your children while your husband is at work, or do you need extra help? I managed to look after my 18 month-old nephew for 6 hours the other day and was fine, but had someone with me in case I didn’t feel well

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Hey Louise! I’ll message you the specific answers to your questions. :grinning:

Hi Jnat, Would you mind copying me on that message? I would be very appreciative- I am going to try to start for a baby soon and am curious whether you know if B2 at 400mg is safe for migraine prevention? Or is magnesium the only safe bet? xx

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I know that nortriptyline is safe to take the whole way through pregnancy so maybe consider starting with that one? If you suffer normal aura migraines they get worse with pregnancy, migraine with out aura get better and most people seem to get less MAV symptoms at first but towards the end of pregnancy they seem to return and afterwards once your hormone levels change it will probably hit hard. I got this when my son was 4 months old and it was a struggle as I had no help apart from a boyfriend who was out the house 12 hours a day at work. My sons 3 now and I’m feeling a lot better. He was my life saver when I felt really bad as I focused on him a lot instead of focusing on how ill I was and that got me through it. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it all in the end x


Thanks so much, Pepper, for this post. I’m getting married in May so hopefully this summer we might start trying for a baby. I really am encouraged that there are options. I think I’m pretty much OK as long as I take 400mg magnesium glycerinate a day and 200-300mg CoQ10- which seems like it might be OK in pregnancy. That’s great to know about nortriptyline. St Johns Wort is something I’d like to look into since it seems to work like Zoloft and has helped me as well with migraine auras (light sensitivity mainly). I’m doing pretty well overall and have a feeling the distraction would also do me well :slight_smile: What are you taking now if anything? xx

Sure thing!

Thank you! :slight_smile: I’m very appreciative for any advice and very curious what you are on right now that’s helping. I alternate between a lot of stuff… feverfew, magnesium, CoQ10, B2, St. Johns’ wort all seem to help in different ways, but I’m uncertain what if anything is really OK in pregnancy other than magnesium… which probably won’t cut it unless I miraculously feel better at that time xx


I take 50mg nortriptyline before bed and I use a magnesium oil. I usually spray it 20 times in the morning all over and rub it in. I’ve just started vitamin B2 tonight too. My dr wants me to start Gabapentin but I’ve just read the withdrawal symptoms and it’s put me off taking it. He wants me to start at 100mgs a night and eventually be on 300 mgs a day. Did you have any side effects or withdrawal symptoms from the gaba?

Vikki x

I didn’t have any withdrawal from Gaba but was at 100-200mg 3x a day and that was it. I also only took it for about three months. It made a lot more relaxed which was the most helpful thing it did. Any higher dose than that and I got groggy/woozy - I’m sensitive to meds. Great to know about your nort. dose - that drug seems to help a lot of people! let me know if B2 helps you out! I am okay on magnesium, CoQ10 and feverfew so far. xx