Does anyone actually get pain? Im in pain everyday

Im getting migraine EVERYDAY again. This has happened before apart form the dizzys this is awful I woke up and nearly got sick . I went to work but the pain is quite bad . Im on 20mg AMI 20mg prop what should I do ?

Anyone else get this thanks

Hi Blondie,

I’ve suffered with headache migraines since I was a teenager (I’m 38 now), although my vertigo spells don’t seem to bear much direct relation to them interestingly. On a normal month I would have some kind of headache maybe two-thirds of the days, but they come in spells, so I might have a week without any, and then 10 days in a row. However, I’ve finally found a combination of drugs that seems to work for me (1 mg pizotifen, and 80 mg propranolol) and my balance issues have improved immensely, and finally (although this seemed to lag behind by a few months) my headaches are also subsiding. I’m getting fewer now (only 5 days in the last month…a huge improvement for me) and also they are far less intense, and seem to go away by themselves within an hour or so (brilliant :slight_smile: ). I’ve not had any negative side effects from the propranolol, but have quite an increased appetite from the pizotifen and have put on a bit of weight, although this has levelled out and I’ve managed to get a bit of a handle on it.

If I were you I would call your doctor and see about increasing your medication or maybe trying something else. My friend took ami and had to go up to over 100 mg to have an effect, but then once they were under control she gradually cut it down and is now pretty much migraine free still at 35 mg per day. However, my husband (who must be about twice the weight of my friend!) takes on 10 mg per day and this is enough to work for him. Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that we all need dosage tailored to us on an individual basis and it can take a lot of trial and error, but clearly if you are almost being sick and having headaches every day, your current meds are not working for you.

I hope things improve for you very soon. Take care.

Hi Blondie,

I found, when I was on Ami, it made me sleep so much, that alone caused me to wake with a thick migrainous head every day.
Brilliant sleep but thick head. I still use the odd half to three quarter for a good nights sleep but the chances are very high I will wake with a migraine the next day. I dont know if this would wear off in time.