Does anyone else get a good night sleep but wake up tired?


I was just wondering if there are other people on this board who normally get a good night sleep but always wake up tired?


Yes . Every day I sleep from 11-7 always wake up shattered!!!x

ALWAYS!!! I can sleep 11-8 and still be wrecked when I wake up! :?

Always… I sleep 9 hours a night and feel like I’ve had 3.

It’s so shit.

I have between 7-8 hours of sleep per night and I always wake up groggy, but it gets better after a little while. I had a great night’s sleep last night and I was yawning today at work. Does anyone take COQ10? That is supposed to give you energy, but can’t tell if it is doing anything. :mrgreen:

It’s been like this since august last year… I seriously don’t remember what it feels like to not feel tired.

waking up is the worst for me. feels like I woke up with the flu, was out drinking all night. it is most horrible feeling next to the violent rocking, of course. but, for me, as you know, I was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

I am always tired when I get a good nights sleep! Funnily enough, I often feel better if I have less sleep! We have strange brains! :slight_smile:

Hi Lisa – did you ever try Pizotifen?

I feel tired and completely foggy headed every single morning no matter what. Been this way every day for three years. 5 hours or 9 hours, it’s all the same. Hard to imagine I will ever feel how I used to, which I refer to as “normal”.

What are our brains doing at night??

Yep i sleep 8 hours most nights and try to go to be and get up the same time but i always feel tired

yep me. everyday. i sleep a good 8 to 10 hours and feel tired everyday.

I definitely identify with waking up tired. My symptoms have always been worse in the morning than the rest of the day.

A few weeks ago, my neurologist recommended a sleep study. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I was sure they wouldn’t find anything. My wife has never noticed me stopping breathing or anything like that. However, I was having approximately ten episodes an hour during which, even if I didn’t stop breathing, my breathing would become shallow and my blood oxygen saturation would drop significantly (down to high seventies). This would prevent me from being in REM sleep. Using a CPAP machine on a relatively low pressure completely eliminated the episodes in a follow up test.

I would say that the hour after waking is about 80% improved over before the CPAP machine. I suspect the lack of REM sleep and/or the variation in blood oxygen was acting as a trigger.

The testing was relatively painless and not too expensive. If you are experiencing this symptom, I highly recommend getting tested. You can search the web for the statistics, but mild forms of apnea like I have are relatively common and mostly undiagnosed. In addition to being a migraine trigger, even mild apneas can put you at higher risk for a variety of heart conditions and other disorders.

I’m very happy I was tested.

I am the same, no matter how much sleep I have I am always tired, and getting up in the morning is a such a struggle! Even on days when I get a chance to have a sleep in, its still the same. Once I’m up and about and moving it gets a little better. :slight_smile: