Does anyone else suffer from lightheadedness

I was diagnosed with MAV two weeks ago by a neurotologist. I have been sick since May - what started out as a viral ear infection (25% damage to the right vestibular nerve) evolved into MAV. The neurotologist started me on 10 mg Nortriptyline and wants me to titrate upwards every two weeks until I reach 30 mg. I am on a wait list for a neurologist. I have tolerated the Nortriptyline quite well and I will increase the dose to 20 mg in a few days. My symptoms have improved over the last few weeks - no head pain, ear pain and minimal tinnitus. The feeling that the floor is moving is now gone. I still have a horrible time in stores (I take Klonopin before I go shopping) and dealing with crowds of people moving towards me. I absolutely cannot tolerate complex visual environments.

My biggest complaint is a horrible feeling of lightheadedness - my head feels like a helium balloon. I have noticed that the lightheadedness is much worse in the morning - it appears about an hour after getting up. Typically this feeling resolves and I start feeling better by the afternoon and evening. The Nortriptyline has increased this feeling somewhat (I know lightheadedness is a side effect). It is really hard to function at work when it feels like your head is going to float off your body! I do have quite how blood pressure - 90/60. Does anyone else have this horrible feeling? Does it ever go away with treatment? - Lisa

Hi! I did great on nortriptlyline and I was on 30 mg as well. The lightheadedness came and went everytime I titrated up, but it eventually disappeared. ThIs drug really helped me. Unfortunately it caused me to gain some (Well, a lot) of weight so I am weaning off. I am really sorry about this because it took care of just about all my symptoms and even helped with the anxiety.

I would say lightheadedness is my biggest complaint. I too have low blood pressure…same as yours 90/60. I take Klonapin in very low doses almost daily, and it helps tremendously. I am taking Cymbalta, which affects serotonin and norephinephrine, (same stuff as Nortriptyline) but doesn’t cause weight gain for most people. A doctor I recently saw thought taking the Klonapin was the best option for me, and told me to take it daily and see how it feels. After 4 days of taking it consecutively, I can say it’s been helpful…with no side effects.

wow interesting my dr gave me Cymbalta saying it didn’t cause too much weight gain. I told him i was vain but haven’t had the nerve to try it yet am hoping i do cuz i’m sick of living like this. the Nor doesn’t cause weight gain on everyone does it? amazing how we are all different.

I hope the side effects ease up soon!!!


Hi Chris,l
The meds that incorporate more norephinephrine, usually help with sexual SE’s and weight gain, instead of the meds that strictly hit serotonin…I THINK! Everyone is different, but these are generalities. I didn’t gain weight on Cymbalta, but it can be very constipating (too much info? Maybe, but I feel it’s my duty to tell!!).
YOu can start very low, like at 10mg…as long as you find something you can tolerate, you will most likely see some benefit. Fear is a crazy thing…it’s like the opposite of the placebo affect…like a no-cebo affect…even if the med is helping, the fear of it can cause bad side effects (like anxietiy) and you wont’ give it a fair shot. It happened to me with Effexor…I was so fearful I was giving myself little panic attacks whenever I took it…

Hi Kelley,
I just sent you an email about klonopin dose prior to seeting this posting (I was curious as to how small a dose you are taking and at what time of day). Amy I am sorry you gained weight on Nortriptyline. I hope I don’t. I have several severe food allergies so I don’t each much anyway (no food with flour, no starchy carbohydrates, no candy, no fast food, no junk food, no processed food of any kind, no pop, no dairy). I am a vegeatarian and I pretty much exist on raw vegetables and a few fruits (this diet was not by choice and it sucks). I am also exercising at least an hour daily to prevent weight gain even though I feel dizzier afterwards. Right now I would try any med to feel normal again! - Lisa