Does anyone experience a head tic/jerk when they are symptomatic?

Does anyone experience a head tic/jerk when they are symptomatic? I get a weird shiver like sensation that causes the head to jerk to the left. On bad days it probably happens half a dozen times. On really good days I might not notice it at all.

I ask because I have had it for over 4 years.

I think it is pretty unlikely that others have this issue. I was incidentally diagnosed with a benign brain tumor that they say was responsible for the tic. However, the tumor was in the cerebellum (area that may be responsible for MAV)

I don’t intend to scare anyone. Brain tumors are rare and other disorders can cause these tics too.

I’ve had dizziness issues for the past 5.5 years and in the past year and a half or so it’s gotten much, much worse. I also get a head jerk when my dizziness is bad. I seem to get different kinds of dizziness, so it doesn’t show up with all the dizziness sensations. Thankfully. I couldn’t handle it happening every day. It had actually calmed down and wasn’t happening much at all the past few weeks, but this week its been particularly bad. It can get worse for me when I lay down to fall asleep, which makes falling asleep difficult. Sometimes I won’t feel dizzy, will get to the point of almost being asleep, then get a giant head jerk and be awake and feel dizzy. Those are miserable. I get them the most if I turn my head to the left or the right for too long of a time. I have had multiple head MRIs and scans and thankfully don’t have a tumor. At one point my physical therapist thought it was due to tightness in my neck.

I also get full body jerks when I’m very dizzy, also more common when laying down to sleep.