Does anyone experience uncomfortable pressure around eye and side of head?

Does anyone experience a pressure/weakness on their head? I experience pressure starting above and below my left eye extending to my left ear. At times it feels like there is a small foreign object under the eye. I also experience fullness or pressure in the ear. When this sensation is at its worst it generally means my dizziness is at its worst. The sensation is extremely uncomfortable and almost feels like the region between my left ear and left eye is being stretched or pulled

Often the back of my head and top of my head feels more sensitive and almost swollen when I experience this too.

I’d love to hear from anyone that experiences a similar sensation!

I have a similar sensation, its usually not one sided for me more so like both ears or like a tight band around my head and usually comes with brain fog. It is pretty uncomfortable I feel for you. I felt a lot of fullness in my ears when I first got mav.

I believe the pressure is actually a severe tension headache.

Yes. It does improve with time but i still get intermittent pressure and it does correlate to a bit more dizziness. Don’t stress it. It WILL get better. Give it time.