Does anyone get more of a ZZZZZZZ than a spin?

Just that really. Sometimes rather than an actual spin I get more of an electric vibey type vibration at the front of my head if I look to the side or up high etc.

Can’t really explain it any better than that but I’m sure if you get it you’ll know what I mean!

I have that too. I never really get spins, just the feeling that my brain is on a 2 second delay from my eyes. It also feels like my brain is not in tune with my balance system and everything is exaggerated. My body doesn’t feel off balance, but my brain does.

My brain feels like an electric highway! Itsalways buzzing and sometimes so loud feel I can hear it!

It’s when the electricity gets so high that my brain does a backflip and ihave a half spin.

I have the same as Deekon. In fact with my eyes and brain not co-ordinating I went to get my eyes tested and was told I have perfect vision - still struggle to read small print though as my eyes won’t focus!!! LOL