Does anyone have Hashimoto's/thyroid disorder?

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease 2 years ago. For anyone unfamiliar, it is an autoimmune disease. Basically, the thyroid attacks and destroys itself over time. Even though my last thyroid check showed my levels were within normal range ( a year ago) I’m curious if anyone else has a thyroid condition as I am wondering if it could be reason why I might be feeling worse.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s nearly 30 years ago. I know that I do feel worse when my levels aren’t normal, and I do have a pretty tight area where I like for my levels to stay.

Hi, yes - diagnosed with Hashimoto’s about 6yrs ago. Messed around with Thyroxine tabs (up & down from 100mg) for some time never feeling really good even though blood tests showed up OK. Had some saliva tests done & added Liothyronnine (T3) - a compounding slow release tab and have been fine since then.

Yes, I was diagnosed with Hashimotos around 30 years ago. I have my thyroid levels tested every 6 months and the TSH stays within the normal range. The range for the UK is a lot different to America.

I have had the T4 and T3 levels done privately as they reckon that you cant just go by the TSH. I also had a urine sample sent to Belgium and the T3 and T4 were way below the range, so have I been underactive for a long time? Who knows? Depends which one I believe.

What I do know is that just about all my health problems (I have been diagnosed with M.E.) started around the same time as I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. Some people think that we should be taking a low dose of T3 anyway and that can make the antibodies go away. I have never had the nerve to try it as I would worry about my heart giving out if I was wrong and didn’t need the stuff. I have a friend with Hashis and she treats herself with T3 and feels better on it.


Oh Barb, just read that you are on the T3 as well? Has that made a difference to your symptoms? Do you feel better on it? Was you TSH normal when you took it?

To everyone else on here, did your MAV and any other health problems start at the same time as your Hashis was discovered?


From memory, my blood tests showed T4, T3 and TSH levels OK which is why I had the saliva tests done which showed lower TSH levels.
Blood tests only show what the level is on that day whereas saliva tests are done (I think) three times a day over a week (?) so you get a much better picture. The T3 tabs are not the ‘normal’ prescription’ ones which just give a big hit
as soon as you take them (apparently) but mine are the slow release type which is why they need to be compounded.
The slow release might be OK for you if you weren’t getting the ‘big hit’ in one go from the normal prescription T3 med.

Barb, I am off on holiday so no time, but if you don’t mind I will pm you about the T3 when I get back.