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Does anyone know of a good doctor accessible from Abu Dhabi?

@Hope88 really needs help finding accessible care. Thanks.


Emily, thanks alot for your support, it means alot to me

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I don’t know if we’ll find anyone, but maybe we’ll get lucky. :slight_smile:

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Were you unsuccessful getting a referral to Hain? Considered Harley Street in London?

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Still waiting reply but the clinic is in USA. I will be very grateful if i found good doctor in my country.

I went to many doctors in harly street. Also to hearing and balance centre but they are in uk. I need someone in Abu dhabi to follow up with when i have a question or concern regarding dose increasing etc.


I understand, although that can also be done over email. I’ve never had a test required for determining whether to increase or not, it’s purely based on the description of your symptoms and side effects.

Nonetheless, best to have a local care provider, of course. Merely having face to face contact with someone who can allay your concerns can help reduce anxiety (but with the wrong doctor that can have the opposite effect!)


I hope to increase your luck. I went to the chapel and prayed for you today. When all else fails, hand it over to the divine.

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@Hope88. I googled vestibular migraine abu dhabi. There are articles that mention Dr’s names and names of hospitals. If you are internet savvy you can further research the Dr’s and hospital names for phone numbers etc. You can then begin calling to see if there is a fit for you.I did come across the American Center (psychiatry & Neurology). The website is Good Luck,


Andrew! Thanks!!

Emily, thank you from bottom of my heart for your prayers and words of encouragement. Its very hard journey and I cant see the end… especially when u are married and have little kid to care of… every day i remind myself to stay strong and i access this website and read the successful stories. Sometimes i read the same story for 3,4 times just to give myself more positive thoughts.

You & The people here are very kind and helpful.

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Thanks Andrew. Its very famous centre in Abu dhabi, I went to the american centre before my trip to london, and the doctor advised me to take Valium which i did but it did not help me & it give me bad side effects like shaking, increasing anxiety. He switched to (sbelium- i am not sure about the spelling) I took it for 6 months with no effect.
Maybe i need to search for another doctor or the best doctor in their centre.

I was happy with my last doctor in london And i feel comfortable with Nori but i need doctor advise and someone to follow up with when i have question or side effect. I sent him email About my dizziness last week and still did not get any reply.

I went to neurology doctor in very big hospital in abu dhabi, i told him that i was diagnosed with Vestibular migraine and i am taking Nori i just want neurology doctor to follow up with, and he reply: I think ur problem is from your ear! (Me: No please not again) and you should see ENT doctor.

The best VM doctor in the US (Dr. Hain) is an ENT. Don’t rule them out. But don’t stop looking until you find someone that understands VM. I’ve been thru two GP, one ENT, a neurologist-ophthalmologist, a neurologist-endocrinologist and three neurologists. It’s only this last one that knew anything about VM.