Does anyone know where to find migraine glasses in US?

I am trying to find out if anyone has used the migraine lens glasses with any success? And if so, what is the name and/or website where I can find these. I’m desperate to give them a try as I’m back at work since feeling better and all my symptoms have returned and they get really bad at work. I am in front of a computer monitor all day and bright fluorescent lights. And the driving is difficult again. I’m afraid I will have to go out on medical leave again because I could barely stand, let alone work. So discouraging after I felt I was doing so well.

If any of you know where I can get a pair of these, I would really appreciate it. I found migralens but they are out of the US :frowning:

Thanks guys


I got some from Axonoptics. It took about 2 weeks for them to arrive. I can’t tell if they’re working or not, yet. I figured it’s worth a shot, though, as you’ve got 30 days to return them if they don’t work (or so the site says).

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Axon Optics Migraine Glasses (US only)
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Oh, and I’ve heard you can get them from here: … FL-41.html but it takes a bit more effort, as you have to send them a pair of glasses which they will then tint.

Hi Erika,


How often do you wear them and how long have you been trying them?

Otherwise if you’re stuck, I can order you some from migralens and send them over and you can pay me back via PayPal.

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I ordered mine from Axion and received them about a month ago. I wear them in my offices that have the annoying florescent lighting, and also in the supermarkets. I haven’t had a bad headache or extra dizziness when I leave like I used to. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I got the indoor tinting as I was tired of wearing sunglasses inside. Outdoor lighting doesn’t bother me so I just wear sunglasses outside. If you aren’t short on cash I think it is worth a shot.

I’ve tried them a few times over the past couple of weeks. I don’t really need them in my office, as I’ve got a non-fluorescent lamp that I use and my computer has a migraine screen/filter over it. The times I’ve tried them it’s felt kind of like trying to adjust to a new pair of glasses. I’ve been meaning to try them out while shopping, but keep forgetting to put them in my purse. (Sorry I can’t be more help. I think it’s worth a shot, though…)

I got my glasses at the Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah. If you wear a prescription, you can send your glasses and they will tint. They also have some standard pairs of tinted lenses with no prescription. The fact is, they aren’t real stylish, so most people send in their own glasses. The tint has made a world of difference for me! Good luck!



Thanks you guys for the info :smiley:

Muppo~ have they made a big difference when you wear them. I know you are also on a great combo of meds.
I appreciate the offer to have them sent here. I found a manufacteur in the US so I’ll try those. If not, I’ll take you up on your offer. Thanks so much.


FYI, from what I’ve read, I think the pink ones (Moran Eye Center and AxonOptix) have had more scholarly papers published about them than the green ones (Migralens). Moran and AxonOptix lenses are based on research done at the University of Utah.

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Thank you Maryalice for letting me know that as I know nothing about these yet as I’m just too dizzy the past week to spend time on the computer. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. :smiley:


I have used the Migralens glasses with great success on the computer, but they tell you not to use them when driving. I have not used regular sunglasses to do a real comparison, but I would usually feel sick within 30 minutes without the Migralens glasses, yet with then on I could sometimes work up to 12 hour days while only feeling slightly sick. They are the only ones I tried, and I honestly don’t know that they work better than sunglasses, but I carry them with me at all times. Any time I start feeling dizzy I slap them on and I can honestly say they have worked 100% of the time. But my only triggers seem to be light and anger, so just getting any sunglasses on may have been enough to help me.

hey everyone,

so now that some time has passed since some of you have had these migraine glasses, i wanted to hear some updates from this thread. i know each person is different, but i’m curious how well they have worked for you or not. i bought two glasses from two different companies and am waiting anxiously for them to arrive to see if there’s some relief for my photosensitive eyes these days.

I had very good success with my Migralens glasses, but as I am careful to say, I never compared them with regular sunglasses, so it is possible that regular sunglasses would have worked just as well and saved me about $85. But the Migralens slipped easily over my computer glasses and did allow me to work for long periods of time with a huge reduction in symptoms. Not 100%. Probably about 85%.

It is important to note–they only helped me with the brightness. Monitors that strobe/flicker would get me sick instantly as if the glasses were not even there. Which makes sense. The glasses filtered light. They didn’t stop light from flashing/flickering/strobing.

I’m much happier with how the topamax is helping me now, but the Migralenses helped me go back to work for 6 months while I was figuring out what medication would help me.

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Migralens fits over glasses
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I had a “spare” pair of prescription glasses made, sent them to the Moran Eye Center in Utah, and had the indoor tint applied. My dizziness had been controlled with topiramate (generic Topamax) but not my headaches. I’ve noticed a reduction in both the frequency and severity of my headaaches, so it appears that light was a bigger factor in my “trigger load” than I realized. My “spare” pair has become the pair I wear all the time, except outdoors - and now I’m considering having glasses made with the outdoor tint, too. (It’s just that I already have prescription sunglasses and it will be expensive to get another pair since this next pair won’t be covered by insurance - so I may wait a bit.) But I’m sold on the effectiveness of the special “rose colored” tint for this migraineur!

Migraine screen on computer for migraineurs? Where can I find that for my computer???


Pam, I don’t think anyone mentioned a screen for the computer specifically. We are talking about special glasses or coatings for existing glasses that claim to help prevent the wearer from getting migraines. There are two specifically–a company in the US called Axion and one in the UK called MigraLens (of that might just be the name of their product).

Both work on similar ideas. There have been studies that suggest that migrainers who are triggered by light are susceptible to specific light frequencies. So they filter out certain frequencies to try and prevent the migraines. The Axion glasses are rose-tinted. I’m not sure which frequency this is filtering. The Migralens glasses are green-tinted, which filters out the extreme-edges of the visible light spectrum.

I went with the Migralens, only because I hadn’t heard of Axion. Now that i’ve heard of Axion, they actually make more sense, because my mom’s migraines were always triggered by green computer screens back in the day, so I think the rose-tint makes more sense than the green. That being said, the Migralenses DID help me a ton. I had two pair–a regular sunglass pair and an over-glasses pair that I used on my computer. When I would feel my symptoms coming on in public I’d slap on the sunglass pair and I got symptom relief 100% of the time. Without fail. But regular sunglasses might have done the same. And the over-glasses helped me use the computer for hours on end with a fraction of the symptoms I normally had. Again, I have no idea if regular sunglasses would have worked–I was so desperate that I just decided to sink the $100 in to try them out and when they seemed to work I picked up another pair. Yeah it was probably foolish to try them without just trying regular sunglasses, but I didn’t have time to experiment–they worked so I went with them. I don’t think they are trying to rip people off–they genuinely believe their product helps out. I will testify that at worst they are a nice pair of sunglasses!

Do remember that light was my primary trigger. If light isn’t your primary trigger then either of these probably wouldn’t help you out. And neither will help on subliminally strobing things like LED back-lit monitors operating at less than 100% brightness. Those monitors will likely trigger migraines no matter what you put on your eyes unless you cover them with eyepatches. :slight_smile:

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Pam, I have a filter on my monitor at work, and I’ve actually found it to be fairly helpful. (Hasn’t made things perfect, as visual triggers are pretty big for me, but getting rid of the glare was really helpful. I’d say it’s made working on the computer about 50% better.) I was told about them by someone in a nearby office who suffers from migraine headaches. She has a screen that fits over her computer kind of like a clip on pair of sunglasses would fit over regular glasses. The one I have (that our IT guy picked out) is more like contact paper. It sticks to the screen. It was hard to adjust to the first couple of days, as it made the nice, bright clear (and very reflective) screen on my giant iMac darker and grainier looking. But once I got used to it, I found it to be very helpful because it blocks the glare and reflections. Here’s the place ours were ordered from: I suspect if you google around the internet, you can find other places that sell them as well.

Also, I, too, have a pair of glasses from Axion. I generally wear them when I’m filling in for our receptionist, as the fluorescent lights are a problem for me. (I don’t use them in my office - I bought a lamp… :wink: ) I find that they do seem to help, though, they too take a little bit of getting used to.

Hope that helps!

I just ordered two pairs of rose-tinted FL-41 glasses from Zenni Optics. B/c they are progressives, too, the total cost was $170 each. However, I find wearing them really helpful – immediately relief the moment I put them on. Currently, I have a pair for reading and close computer work (tablets and phone) and a mid-range pair especially for office work (makes it much easier to work on the computer and also be able to see pretty well). I’m going to continue using them at work, and may get a third pair with my standard prescription to deal better with shopping and some outdoor environments.

I have therasepcs – they are awesome!