Does anyone not get bloating or weight gain on nortriptyline?

Does anyone not get bloating or weight gain on nortriptyline?? Dothep made me swell like a balloon.Would take at night next morning face like a big balloon. thinking to swap if this might be better for the bloating.

I have been taking nortriptyline for 18 months, albeit at the very low dose of 10mg, but I do not suffer from either bloating or weight gain because of it.

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good to hear… I may try this next… Have you had any other side effects? Have your symptoms decreased?

I am currently at 30mg of nortriptyline and do not have weight gain or bloating. But remember that everyone is an individual and responses to medication will vary per person.

I only suffered extreme abdominal cramps when I tried to take 20mg so went back down to 10mg and have stayed on that dose. My VM was chronic and severe so I also need 25mg topiramate and 40mg verapamil all of which keep things nicely under control without side effects.

Two months at 20mg for me and no bloating or intestinal distress. I can see how that could happen for some though as nori has been known to cause constipation or reduced bowel movements.

Only three days on nortryptyline and sad to say I’m already bloated. It happened almost immediately. It’s funny how meds affect everyonen differently. I would take bloating any day of the week over VM though!