Does anyone relate to these symptoms?

I was recently trying to describe to my friend the symptoms I get from MAV… does anyone else relate to this type of feeling:

Sometimes when its on the lower end of the scale, I feel a mild ‘grog’ like I’m kinda dizzy but not in a traditional sense of the word. It’s almost as if you are high and a bit disconnected visually.
I have also described more severe symptoms like the feeling you had when you were little and couldn’t swim, so you’d hold on to the side of the pool because you felt uncertain in your surroundings. This is sometimes what I feel like in the normal world. Like I have no concept of balance and its not just a ‘dizziness’ its like my whole perception of my surroundings is altered and confusing.
most recently ive been getting the head fog type groggy high feeling most days, and it almost feels like my eyes are kind of hot. I know that sounds weird but its as if my eyes are irritated almost.

ach i dunno, just curious if anyone relates to this madness

G x

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Yeeees I absolutely relate to this! I am dizzy all the time :pensive: sometimes it’s just about bearable other times it’s horrible and takes everything in me to focus on what I’m doing and what’s happening around me. The pain is really bad, but I find the dizziness is a real struggle.

So you’re not alone :slightly_smiling_face: we completely understand how you’re feeling

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Yes I identify with this, as my symptoms have calmed down a bit I can feel pretty normal 70% of the time (sitting on the couch, a lot of my working day, reading in bed) but the brain fog is still lurking under the surface, a bit of tinnitus can linger in the background too.
My symptoms are at their worst when I just wake up, when my house is really bright during the day and I’m moving around, when I’m walking outside, exercising in the gym and my worst… driving! Most of my symptoms now feel visual in nature, like I’m not focussing properly, like it’s too bright and I have pressure behind my eyes, my eyes are tired or like I can’t quite see my peripheral vision correctly. It can all be so hard to describe.
I had a couple of drinks on a city break with my husband and the weird vision felt more normal, like my brain was expecting it :joy: it made more sense with alcohol in my system.

*edited to add with the eye thing, I’ve been using drops as my eyes feel so grainy and irritated at times, just the regular hydrating ones. Helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a couple of lists of symptoms both “official” and user contributed: