Does anyone still eat the yummy chocolate

I love chocolate I have avoideded it but I want some so much can I eat it again

You can always give it a try and see what happens… I tried the MAV diet for about 3 months and didn’t notice any difference in my symptoms. Since giving it up, I’ve found that raisin bran seems to have somewhat of an effect (could be the raisins or the bran). That’s it, though. Really, I just have to be more careful about eating regularly and trying not to overdo on sugar. I haven’t noticed an issue with chocolate, so I do still eat it. :slight_smile:

I cut it out complety for months but have gradually let it back into my diet. I have found I can still eat it as long as I do not over do it and other things in my environment are not to much out of wack.


I think white chocolate is better tolerated

I’m not sure white chocolate counts as “yummy” chocolate… :lol:

I have only tried a little at a time - like a dark chocolate covered marshmallow “pumpkin” a couple weeks ago - it didn’t affect me.

Well I cracked and had a dairy milk it was a taste sensation but I may pay for it but Im crap anyway so will take a little joy at the moment :smiley:

Living on the edge, Blondie!! :lol:

Sometimes we gotta go for it - we’ll never know unless we try living dangerously… :wink:

I sincerely hope you DON’T pay for it!

The only thing I have had chocolate is in homemade chocolate chip cookies. I had one or two a day and it didn’t affect me at all. There isn’t too much chocolate in a cookie though and I was in heaven eating them mmmmm :lol:

I don’t have a lot of food reactions but, unfortunately, chocolate seems to be one of them now. I had a giant bowl of candy in my living room for Halloween and decided to have one of those mini Hershey bars. The first one went down just fine. An hour later I tried another one and had an almost immediate reaction - sharp stabbing pains in my head. :cry:

I can eat little bits of chocolate in other things and weak hot cocoa but nothing too intense.


I too have gotten away with one choc chip cookie–a good homemade one, too: Ghirardelli chips, a few drops of Kahlua in the batter. A handful of chips, though, is too much for me. And I used to chew on a bar of baker’s chocolate. So? That was then.

I will on occasion chew up something yummy and chocolate, and spit it out. I’m there for the flavour, not the nutrition. A little saliva swallowed in the process doesn’t mess me up.