Does anyone use a cane/walking stick?

I’ve been having horrible balance/coordination issues, especially when my MAV episodes are at their peak. Does anyone use a cane/walking stick to help them get around and find it helpful?


Yes I use a cane everyday- it is very helpful- I couldn’t walk without it actually.

I have to use a walker as too hard for me when have to lift the cane up and down. The walker roles. I rather use a cane though. I, though, have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and babesiosis as the cause of my Mav symptoms

oh that’s good! I went to Walmart and purchased one. I’m hoping it helps, especially at work, usually when I’m feeling “off” the nurse has to come get me with a wheelchair -eck-

I don’t have a stick but feel much better when i walk with my babies buggy to hold/lean on.

Yes I use a stick every day, its the one thing that made me get back out there and start living again. I couldn’t rely on people to hold onto all the time.