Does anyone use Imipramine?

My local neurologist, who studied under Dr. Baloh, has me on Imipramine to augment my current treatment…which is Celexa (Citalopram) @ 60mg.

I have not noticed any difference with either medication.

I do not recall many people using (if any ?) Imipramine though.

I will see him again in about 2 weeks. At that point, we will evaluate where we are at and (hopefully) proceed with a different protocol.


Todd :smiley:

Imipramine was one of the meds recommended by the neuro that first diagnosed me with MAV. I have been told by other docs since then that I have tried other meds in the same family with no results, so I haven’t tried that medication specifically.

Yes, I have used it, although I can’t remember the dosage at the moment. When I first started getting treatment for the MAV, I was put on Klonopin. It worked for a while, but then wasn’t enough (specifically, the balance issues started acting up and the other visual/physical issues were becoming more pronounced again), so he put me on the imipramine. It did help in combination with the Klonopin and helped with the anxiety too. I decided to go off of it for two reasons: 1. I saw a second doctor who specialized in migraines who thought I would do better on a migraine med with the klonopin so I started taking Topamax (both of which I am on now and am doing pretty good overall but do have some issues, plus med side effects to contend with) and 2. I did not like the imipramine side effects, particularly getting overheated very easily and sunburned at the drop of a hat.

So, would I recommend it? Possibly, as it can work. It is worth trialing at low doses because it is easy to come off of if you don’t like/it doesn’t work. To be honest, I would have stayed on it simply for how it seemed to calm my anxiety if nothing else had not been for the side effects. Unfortunately, I can’t take valium, the fav drug of choice here, as I am already on Klonopin.

Best, Bonnie

Imipramine one if many tricyclics. Usually well tolerated. Wonder why they wouldn’t have tried nort instead? I think, depending on how this works or doesn’t, you should try another class of meds or look into finding out about ur possible breakdown in metabolizing these meds. I think the cyp450 enzyme is genetically faulty in 10 percent on Caucasians. Other meds use different enzyme pathways and would be able to be utilized effectively and give you some relief.