Does anyone's tinnitus lessen with altitude?

My normally persistent hiss disappears regularly when I’m in the office, which is on the 9th floor. It almost never disappears at home (2nd floor), despite home being a relatively noisier place. It returns when I’m back at low altitude. Go figure!!! I’m considering moving to a new apartment that is on a significantly higher floor! :smiley:

I have severe menieres attacks at sea level and whenever storms are approaching. I had no menieres attacks for 2 years while living in the mountains at 3000ft elevation. Having severe attacks again at 600ft elevation. Guess where I am moving.

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Very interesting! I hope this eliminates them for you

Guys I can confirm this is definitely a thing. If you have high hiss like tinnitus try a holiday in the mountains or go to an upper floor of an office building and tell me how your tinnitus is