Does caloric ENG testing makes MAV people sick?

I recall reading it somewhere that it was liable to make MAV people sick.

Hi Methanol, you very well could have read it here that people with MAV don’t tolerate the ENG very well, particularly the caloric part. I know I read it here and elsewhere and because of this I was totally petrified of the test and was afraid it would give me unending spinning vertigo and I would never be well. Not helping matters, I couldn’t take valium for 4-5 days beforehand. I put it off over and over. Finally I had one vertigo attack too many so agreed to take it.

My fears were much worse than the reality. Both ears tested normal with both hot and cold water and that of course means I DID get vertigo. But it was nowhere near as bad as I feared. The vertigo stopped within a minute or two after it started and once it stopped it stopped, no after effects.

The part of the test that I had a much worse time with was following the things (whatever they were, it’s been a while so I don’t remember) on the screen. All that eye movement made me feel so carsick :frowning: .

I’m sure the gal who conducted the test thoought I was a total nut case. My fear of vertigo was so strong. I made her give me her hand during the caloric part so I could squeeze hard. I probably drew blood. I am really embarrassed about the way I acted. As soon as the test was over I popped a valium, coultn’t even wait for her to get me water.

So my experience wasn’t bad at all, but most likely others will pop in to say it was horrendous.

Hi Meth,

Can’t find the reference at the moment but Dr Rauch said once that when people feel worse following the caloric or from VRT, it is practically diagnostic for VM. The caloric really destroyed me.


Thank you guys.