Does everyone here take meds?

I was just wondering if everyone here takes meds for MAV? And if you didnt what would your condition be like without it? Would you be able to function and are the meds making things manageable? I still havent started taking a med and im wondering if taking something will just make things worse because of SE or if I’m just being stupid trying to stick it out while tyring nothing and it could actually help me.

Hi Ashley,

Without meds I’m 40% and can’t really work successfully, let along manage the rest of life with any degree of humour! With meds I’m 70-75% and to the rest of the world for all intents and purposes normal (or at least as normal as I was before :lol: ). I take metoprolol (beta blocker). The first few weeks were really rough with exhaustion and terrible terrible nightmares, and there’s been a bit of weight gain but now apart from a bit of residual tiredness now and then I tolerate the meds well - and regular exercise has also helped I think. For me although the “settling in” period was rough, and it took 6 weeks to feel like I was getting somewhere it was SO worth it. I did try topomax and amitriptyline briefly but their side effects really slammed me.

I’ll take 75% over 40% ANY day, so I’m sticking with the meds :smiley: . I think the general consensus will be that most people so take some time to adjust to any preventative regime - some more so than others, and it can be a bit of a crap-shoot finding one that works for you, but in my opinion it was /is worth it.


I’m on Nortriptyline…My first med I’ve tried

I’m a new comer to this forum but have been living with recurrent vertigo for the past 20 years. Some episodes hit me and are gone so quickly I’m not even sure they happened. Others last for several days. And other than OTC analgesics for the accompanying headache that I get with the long bouts I’ve never taken any other meds.

When I have what I call “one of my spells” I simply take some Ibuprofen or Tylenol and lay down with an ice pack that I alternate between my forehead and the back of my neck.Sometimes it helps, sometimes nothing helps and I just do what I can to battle my way through it.

Good luck with whatever you try. I’m just glad I found this forum; it helps to know I’m not alone and I’m not crazy!.


I’m on a very small amount of Xanax and Verapamil. I would say about 70-75% improvement with medication. Years backi was on much more medication but i’ve made improvement.