Does rain and storms cause anyone more dizziness?


I have had VM/MAV for 2 yrs. I live in Florida and we have had some kind of weather front sitting over us for 4 days now. I woke up sunday when it started and was dizziness, on monday more dizzy and yesterday the weather was out of control and I could barely function. For the past 3 days I’ve had to take my xanax at least 1/2 a pill for the first 2 days and then yesterday I took a half and then later took the other half. This weather is all over the place, one minute its calm but overcast and the next its flooding. This morning the sun was out for a bit and I was ok then it just started wind blowing like mad and raining and stayed like this the rest of the day and I feel like I’m on a raft floating crazily at sea, my head is hurting, nausea, neck and shoulders are so tight, my anxiety is up a bit, the sensation I feel are floating, then suddenly like I’m being pulled to one side, tilting sensation to the right, being push forward on a tilt, quick spin feelings, and all of it happens when I"m sitting or standing. I’m at work so I sit most of the day and all this goes on, and the worst part is it just hits suddenly. So I am curious can the storms and rain cause the sensation to intensify like this? I don’t know what to do accept try to stay calm and hope this storm goes away. Thanks for any help.

Yes, when the barometric pressure gets lower due to storms I often feel my dizziness gets worse and I have a fuzzier head feeling. I hope the weather clears for you soon!

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I agree. I feel best in 60-80 degree weather without wind or rain.

My MAV-head is like an old-fashioned weather station:
Depending on the weather either the red or the blue puppet comes out :stuck_out_tongue:

(See picture)

Hi, where in Florida do you live?