Does Topamax contain sulfa?

Hey, does anyone know if Topamax contains sulfa? If so, if I am allergic to sulfa, should I be concerned?


You can always find all of the the ingredients in your medicines by googling the Consumer Medicine information (CMI) sheet. It shows active ingredients plus all other excipients (packing agents and carriers). Here’s the one for Topamax:

At the very end of the CMI you will find all of the ingredients in your medicine.

Scott 8)

Thank you. That is good to know. I had been reading on various sites that topamax has some sort of sulfa derivative, but i am guessing if it is not a main ingredient, perhaps it is not an issue. Thanks again.

I’m also allergic to sulfa meds and am on 150 mg topiramate and never had any issues. My doctors and pharmacists never said anything and they are aware of my allergy so I don’t think it’s an issue.

Thanks Anne…that makes me feel a lot better…I was not sure if either my dr or pharmacist were aware, so that is why I was concerned. Thanks again!

Thanks very much for the information Scott. I have only recently started on Topamax and was told yesterday by someone it contained sulfa which I am allergic to. I have been searching the internet for ingredients in Topamax but didn’t have any luck finding any information. I just stumbled upon this post while about to read another.
Thanks again, I can now get on with trying to adjust to Topamax without the worry of it containing sulpha.
Annie :slight_smile: