Does Travis on The Doctors have MAV?

All the docs were on mini trampolines jumping up and down w/Dick Van Dyke (who is 86 years young!). Watching them made me dizzy. Dr. Travis said almost immediately “this is hurting my head.” Travis is extremely fit, (does 100 pushups in a minute, bikes, lifts, very active) yet he had to stop first b/c he said it was giving him a headache. It was weird - I immediately wondered if it was really hurting his head or if it was making him dizzy. Either way, it seems there are a lot more people out there who suffer the dizzies than I realized.

I saw that as well. Maybe he just gets motion sickness.

For anyone interested, here’s the link:

I watched it again, and Dick Van Dyke said that the jumping on the trampoline was called “bounding,” to which Travis replied “I feel my brain bounding right now.” To me, that would indicate he felt like his brains were being jostled around - that’s how I felt in the full throes of MAV.

Interesting. Also Motion sickenss is a huge red flag for Migraine!