Does Zyrtec (D) help anyone with their MAV dizziness?

Been struggling badly with dizziness the last few days. I had to take a dose of Zyrtec D today and my dizziness got a bit better. Anyone have any thoughts regarding Zyrtec and its effectiveness concerning MAV dizziness??


You mean for hay fever? If so yes me! I mentioned it to Dr S but he didn’t seem interested!

MAV is new to me but have had seasonal allergies for years. I have taken Zyrtec D for the allergies. I have found that Zyrtec D seems to alleviate the dizziness a little. I didn’t know if others found that it helped them.

some people find some classes of antihistamines are helpful - Periactin is good for me but makes me VERY sleepy so not a great option, and I think Kelly in the US takes phenergan and finds it helpful