Doxy I crazy?

So, my whole MAV journey began one morning about an hour after taking Doxycycline for Rosacea. It was my very first dose. Flash forward 5+ years and my MAV is still here but somewhat managed with meds, diet, trigger avoidance. However, my Rosacea has progressed. My derm keeps saying that Doxy is the med of choice to treat it. I am actually considering it, but terrified to go back to how I was when this all began. I do wonder though if the doxy was really even the cause or if it was pure coincidence and how does one ever know??

Does your dermatologist know about the MAV? I’ve found most of my doctors know only about a very narrow specialty and less about the mechanism by which the drugs they prescribe work. They seem to know less about side effects and interactions or counter indications than you can learn on WebMD. That said, have you shared your concerns, perhaps in the language of a deeply med sensitive neurological disability? Is there another med or perhaps another delivery mechanism?

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Hi Flutters- I have explained but not sure my derm really gets the whole MAV thing. We have tried lots of other meds that dont really work or also cause increased dizziness- even some topical meds. Apparently the doxy is the deal for Rosacea and its so frustrating that the one med that might really work for me is also the one that may have kicked off the MAV. Wish there was a way to know for sure without going into MAV hell again…

MAV forces some crap choices. In the end you’ll just have to decide if the rosacea is bad enough to take this risk.

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Hi Kier, I have had to take Doxy for PCOS related acne and did not have any issues with it. Totally not saying you won’t… because all of us are so different but it worked on my acne and I had no side affects. Please update us and let us know what you decide. Best wishes!


The answer is, we probably never will. Very unfortunate that one. Only way to try to prove it would be to repeatedly start and stop taking it I suppose but with the anticipated possible side that never seems a good option.

And how! Specialisms are great and very necessary I’m sure but so frustrating. I could quote several but here’s just one of those I’ve experienced with MAV. Deep into chronic MAV I tripped up and broke my shoulder. The cure was to immobilise the shoulder for three months with just a sling, and willpower. No plaster. Trouble is the sling went around my neck and pulled my head farther forward than it already was. The orthopaedic surgeon appeared to know absolutely nothing about balance yet alone MAV. I had to be my own advocate, search internet and a came up with a sling which went around my waist. Nobody is the Orthopaedic Unit had ever seen one before. My advice therefore is @Kier you need to educate your specialist until he fully understands your situation and has a re-think. Helen


I think you should tell your dermatologist all she should know so she can give you the right prescription.

How do you use Doxy?