Dr. Gianoli

As I continue along this dizzy, disequilbrium, blah feeling for the past 7 years or so, I am taking a more aggressive approach finally.

I am getting testing done that I have never tried before (i.e. a sleep study)

Some folks on here have graciously offered their input about a physician in Louisiana that is geared towards oddball, “out of the norm” patients like me, who have tried seemingly everything to no avail.

I live in Washington State, so this is about as geographically challenging as possible, but it is what it is. :?

Any other input regarding Dr. Gianoli in Louisiana to add before I begin booking my visit down there (which is a full two (2) days of testing and visits.

Thanks!!! Feel free to PM me if you want :smiley:

Todd…the oddest of the oddballs. ugh

Let us know. Was in contact with him years ago but never made the trip.