Dr. Hain's Chart notes. Hmm

So I got my chart notes yesterday from my appt with Dr. Hain earlier this month. Little confused as he says that:

Few migraine-type headaches as well as other headaches which are less clearly migrainous. So if 99% of my headaches are less clearly
migrainous then why the migraine dx. ?

Also stated that there is evidence of low spinal fluid and if the venlafaxine does not work, the we will purse to increase the spinal fluid with an
abdominal binder, if its successful we will look for the leak. He would send me to Cedar Sinai Medical Center.

my BIGGEST concern is this statement. MRA shows a tiny PICA on the right or perhaps a vertebral that ended in PICA on the right. The original reposrt is no longer available.

So I looked up PICA and it just leads me to stroke and aneurysm sites. Anyone know anything about this?

Of course I will contact Dr.Hain tomorrow, but a little on edge with all of it.

Thanks, K

Hi Kayera -

“Few” to me doesn’t necessarily mean “only a few” - it could mean “a few” as in “not daily,” because he sees people who have chronic daily headaches, so “few” could be a relative term in light of the many migraineurs he sees with THAT problem. I wouldn’t assume that means “99%” of your headaches are less clearly migrainous, just that SOME of your other headaches are.

Anyway, making note that you’ve had even “a few” migraine headaches just makes it easier to justify the MAV diagnosis - not that you need to even have had ANY migraine headaches to have MAV.

Is that clear as mud???

I’m sorry I can’t help with the PICA part. I hope you get some info soon that will put your mind at ease. Take care.

Migraine is so much more than a headache. Many of us have MAV and have never had a “typical” migraine headache.
I would be interested to know what PICA is??
Please let us know!

Sorry I wasn’t specific, didn’t have the notes in front of me. I said few because I knew he wrote a small number. The rest was accurate.
Chart notes said 3 migraine type headaches. He is making the others sound releated to low CSF.

Pica is - Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery or Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery Aneurysm. I need to call and ask today.