Dr Nicholas Silver talk: Migraine Action AGM 2009

Hi All,

This is a very good talk all about migraine by Dr Nicholas Silver that I had to draw your attention to. Thanks to Hannah for finding it! This fellow deals with patients who have already been through a number of neurologists and have failed to gain migraine control. Many of you here will identify with what this Dr has to say and also relate with the way he describes the lack of migraine knowledge among many GPs and specialists. He gets that this is genetic, can be chronic, and that it causes dizziness and vertigo and all the other freaky symptoms we experience. I agree with him that there is no such thing as tension-type headache capable of creating terrible pain. News to me about the IHS and this classification they created. He also says interesting things about chronic fatigue and fibro – more likely migraine-based.

He mentions eliminating caffeine of all kinds and using pain killers VERY RARELY (1 hour mark in this recording). This part is very interesting. I am guilty of painkiller overuse and plan on dumping them after hearing this. I also slip in the odd bit of caffeine (not coffee) here and there which has to stop.

This talk is long and is more like a discussion with a group of friends but he hits so many good topics and explains how migraine can be behind most of this garbage. The main discussion on migraine begins at about 26 min but I’d recommend hearing all of it if you can.

Interestingly, he says that a person is a chronic case if they do not experience days of feeling absolutely crystal clear on more than 15 days a week. How many of you guys feel like crystal more than 15 days? I know I don’t.

Attached too is the handout from the lecture.

Recording here. Download and listen using VLC if you have any trouble:




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