Dr Rauch – Migraine Associated Dizziness

A great video by Dr Steven Rauch from Massachusetts Eye and Ear:

Scott 8)

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Thanks Scott, I just saw him about a month ago for the first time. The good news was after being told I most likely had Meniere’s for years, he convinced me I do not, as my hearing tests after 8 years are stable and with no loss. He believes I might have MAV, so I am reading a book he suggested: Healing your Headache. Thus far for me, I seem to follow the symptoms of Meniere’s to a “Tee” with the exception of hearing loss. Of course when my ear or ears are ringing and feel pressured, then tighten up and I start losing my footing, eventually get severe vertigo and start vomiting, whatever I have by name, doesn’t seem to matter. This past month my ears just won’t calm down like they used to. It’s constant ringing and pressure in one, sometimes both. I hate it!

Never would have thought all this is actually related to Migrane, as opposed to ear issues. Thanks for being there, I have being reading posts.

Hi Supersport,

Yes, MAV can masquerade quite well as Meniere’s. You’re not the first who has thought it was Meniere’s when all along it was VM.

Another good book that Prof Rauch put me onto is “The Migraine Brain” by Carolyn Bernstein. It’s a better read than Heal Your Headache IMO apart from the end where she recommends Reiki.

Good luck!


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“The Migraine Brain”
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