Dr S has put me on this diet and prescribed 10 mg of nortriptlyne

Hello, Dr S has put me on this diet and prescribed 10 mg of nortriptlyne before bed time. I’m afraid to take them as they are antidepressants. Do you have any idea if is going to work without take the tablets, or if i get them how long will take to make me feel better?
Thank you

Scottl hasnt posted here for about a year but if you work through his old posts by pressing his avatar you may find what you seek. From what I’ve read some people do get through this with diet alone. Depends how badly you are affected and what triggers it for you and we are all different. However if a consultant feels you need a drug to help, he obviously has good reasons for thinking so. Some consultants insist you try diet alone for a specified period, 2 or 4 months perhaps, before trying drugs. Some don’t subscribe to the use of diets at all. They all have their preference. Noritriptyline could start to work within a month however the experts reckon anything between 2-4 months with any migraine preventative to see results. Helen

Thank you so much Helen, you are so helpful, what symptoms did you have and what medication are you on?

Glad you didn’t think I was interferring. Oh, I’ve had 95% of available symptoms over the years I’d imagine for which I take Propranolol. You can read my MAV story under Personal Diaries but be warned it’s long! If you are wondering about others symptoms you may find this helpful. @flutters found this recently and I thought it’s pretty comprehensive and concise. Helen


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Hey Vigs @getbetter, can you point Nic in the direction of the migraine survival guide? Thx

Below has been a very helpful read for many


Sorry for the late reply Nicolas12. I can certainly say nort has been a saviour for me. I wasn’t keen on taking it either, and I’m still not all that happy with being on medication for such a long time, but it has sorted me out completely. Also, the idea is that you’re not on it forever anyway. Every time it’s been time to come off of it, i have had a bit of a relapse due to stress. I’m just about to start reducing my dose really slowly now, so will hopefully be off of it this year.

Just to warn, I did feel worse for a couple of weeks after starting it though and every time I increased my dose, but this does pass and it’s worth it to put up with that for couple of weeks to feel better afterwards. 40mg has been the dose that sorted me out. And I went up in 5 mgs rather than 10. I took it really slowly.

Have you started it? How are you finding it?


Thanks for updating us and good luck with the next phase!! :four_leaf_clover:

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Hello Scott and thanks for replying, no i haven’t started yet. But what i did is I’m on a strict diet, 0% msg, no bread, tomatoes, mushrooms, sardines, pasta also I’m taking magnesium, 5 htp and omega 3-6-9 and I start feeling better. My tinittus stays as it is but i don’t mind this, fingers crossed im goona get rid of this vestibular migraines slowly slowly. What about you? What do you eat and what do you avoid?

Hi Nicolas, I also see Dr S and have been prescribed the diet and nortriptyline. I am now on 30 mg (I worked up my way since Jan 10 mg every 3 weeks). I’m feeling no side effects, nor any changes yet. What are your symptoms? Are they 24/7 or do they come and go?

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Hello Lucy, my symptoms are mild now because I’m on a strict diet also im taking magnesium, 5 htp and omega 3-6-9, i think im getting there,my tinnitus hasn’t been improved but it’s ok, do you get ringing ears? My symptoms is confusion lightheadness and ringing ears, what about yours?

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Good to hear the diet is helping :slight_smile:-)
I don’t get any tinnitus, my symptoms are 24/7 dizziness / rocking feeling and head pressure headaches.
Hope the nort helps you improve further.


Hi @nicolas12 , I researched the 5HTP a little while back and thought of testing it… just a little unsure. No noticeable side-affects? Are there any benefits that you can define to the 5HTP? So glad to hear your symptoms have become mild… what a blessing! :raised_hands:t3:

Hello Naejohn, combination of vitamins and strict diet is perfect, give it a go for one month, but your not allowed if your on antidepressants. Hope that helped you

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Indeed it does! I am on Ami, so will not venture there… appreciate that info! I don’t want anything that could throw me a curve ball :slight_smile:

How long are you in Ami?

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Just a few months now. 10 weeks since I got to the Dr recommended dosage of 50mg. Next Dr appt is next week to see if he feels I am tracking well :blush:

Hello Naejohn, do you have any idea if nortriptlyne help with tinnitus? Diet plan helped me a lot but tinnitus hasn’t improved. I haven’t taken the tablets yet.

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Hi @nicolas12, I am not sure about the effects of nortriptlyne on tinnitus. I am taking Ami, but I think the two are very similar from what I have read. I can say that within the first week of starting Ami, the screeching tinnitus disappeared for me.

I’ve found tinnitus is the last thing to go. Well, it’s yet to go! That’s sounds bad but it really isn’t: tinnitus is eventually much less distracting than balance problems which I no longer have to deal with touch wood!

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