Dr S secretary says'' go and talk to your GP or pharmasist

So after 3 years in bed 24 /7 then 8 good months on pre gabalin…I 'd quite like to talk to Dr S or even see him…however his secretary like some bloody Cerebus was refusing suggesting I go to my GP or pharmacist to see why the meds are not working. I feel like topping myself and seeing how she argues her way out of that one.


I’ve just pm’d you x

Hi Fiona,

That lack of sensitivity (or professionalism) sucks. Hopefully it’s not the norm and she was just having a bad day rather than being a power weilding byatch!


It might not hurt to talk to the pharmacist… maybe they know something?"
Couldn’t hurt…you can call her back and tell her they weren’t helpful and you need to see the doctor…
Or maybe they will help??