Dr S

Saw Dr S this afternoon and to be honest I was a little disappointed he was in a rush I think, he didn’t seem to want to listen to me it was quite frustrating and I’ve never really felt like that his normally very nice. Anyway I mentioned I’d be quite interested in trying the calcium channel blockers but he kind of squashed that idea he doesn’t like to give them with the nortryptoline he thinks there’s no point in increasing further as I’m on quite high doses 150mg of nortryptoline and 600mg of pregabolin daily but he did agree to add pizotifen 500 micrograms so I’m hoping that will kick the last little bits into touch so wish me look.
Cheers Shenay. X

Hi shenay,

I had the same issue when I saw him 5 months ago. I wouldn’t take it personally, I just think he is given so little time on the NHS that it can feel rushed. He had all the time in the world when I saw him privately.

Good luck with piz. I’m hoping that’s what he’ll add for me next time - I see him on tuesday. I’m currently on 75g nort, 120mg prop. Did you see any improvements on Nori ?

Take care


Hi Dean
Yeah I know it’s hard for him with so little time I think I was his last patient of the day and he saw me a little early it can just be very frustrating as we wait so long between appointments, I’ve been on nortryptoline since the first time I saw him in July 2011 then he added pregabolin in August 2011 I think the nortryptoline has been good for me I was pretty much symptom free for 20 months (just the flashing) which I didn’t have a problem with, then in May I started having a little trouble he increased it but this time he said there’s no point going any higher as my dose is quite high. So I pretty much got the two meds together so who knows lol, let me know how you get on Tuesday have the nortryptoline and propanalol been good for you?.
Cheers Shenay.

I saw Dr S a few weeks ago in Kent. He gave me a fair amount of time to discuss my progress since September. He also asked me to return the following day for VRT and CBT later this month, which I am pleased with. Most impressive, was that he actually saw me on time! I am seeing him next in June this year - is this normal to have such a long time between consultations?

Anyway, he as ked me to up the dose of pregabalin, which I am happy to do, as I want t use each drug thoroughly before mvoing on to the next.

Hope you all get well soon.


Hi Sails
I see him every 6 months or so.
Shenay x

Hi Shenay, that’s annoying about Dr S, he must just be very busy maybe. I’m seeing him next Wednesday I’ll see what’s he like then and update you. I keep meaning to ask him if he’s ever been dizzy…?! I wonder whether everyone with MAV who sees him ends up on medication or whether there are other alternative medical treatments?? It must be a bit samey to be prescribing the same types of meds all day long. Anyway hope you’re ok xx

I’ve seen Dr S twice privately and It was like meeting two different people. The first time I had high expectations and left feeling disappointed. He was rushed, didn’t listen very well and seemed quick to pigeon hole me instead of looking at me as an individual. I know someone else on the forum had the same experience and ditched him in favour of Dr Silver.

The second time I saw him he was warm, sympathetic and gave me 50 mins of his time. I felt a bit bad about the other patients waiting but it was really useful for me to be able to talk about all the things in my life which are contributing to my illness. I left feeling like I’d had counselling! He gave me lots of advice and wrote a letter to give to my employer.

I don’t know why he was so different but it did cross my mind that the fact that the second time I was with my husband ( in his work suit) could have been a factor. Or maybe he just had more time on his hands, who knows. I feel lucky that he knows so much about medication and can hopefully find a combination that works. I was already on pizotifen and he has added gabapentin. I will be seeing him every 2 months.