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Dr Surenthiran & Medway Balance Centre - planned closure

Hello everyone,
Some of you in the UK may have heard the awful and disturbing news that the Medway NHS Trust are going to close the Balance Centre later in the year, which of course includes the services of Doctor Surenthiran and his team. I learnt about this on my last phone appointment with Dr S.

A number of his patients have been talking about it over on FB in the group ‘Vestibular Migraine Professional’ and Charlotte Marie has set up the ‘Keep Medway Balance Centre Open’ Group. Please come and join us - so far Charlotte has written to the Trust to find out why and when this is happening. She has also sent an FOI request.
We’ve heard that they plan to put the job of dealing with balance disorders into the hands of GPS - taking it away from the experts - to me a dreadful idea.
Below is a petition Charlotte has started. Please sign and share far and wide

We are also recommend those who are affected to write to your local MP, emails are usually clearly available.

We plan to take more action when the Trust has responded.

Thank so much everyone.

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