Dr Surenthiran - NHS Secretary

Hi All,

Has anyone please got a contact number for Dr Surenthiran’s NHS Secretary ? I need to give her a call to chase up my appt.



Hey Dean

Here are the details on my letter from Dr S:

Tel no: 01634 825002
Email: elaine.scott@medway.nhs.uk

Wow - Great… thanks Jem… that was quick!

Her extension is 5002 x

Sorry 5001 Elaine x


Got hold of her in the end… still hasn’t received the letter from GP - although they assure me they have now sent it. Will give them a chase again tomorrow.

nothing’s easy is it!

Ask for a copy and fax it x

Hope you found her to be helpful and the not the rude, pain in the arse the one I always dealt with was! Good luck!

Hi Muppo,

Er, sounds like that’s her unfortunately! Very unhelpful! His private secratery was extremely helpful.


Hey muppo :), dean ,

Elaine is the new NHS secretary! She is better than the old one , who NEVER returns calls! X

Good to hear!!! Yeah the one I dealt with wasn’t called Elaine - think it was Sarah or something - anyway, she wa a bint :x