Dr Wahls, Feed Your Mitochondria

Wondering if anyone has tried this diet for MAV?

It is designed for MS patients, and in my search for diets that help neurological conditions I find that many are similar, lots of protein less carbs, etc. But this one is different in that she recommends several specific things like eating your colors, grass fed meats, greens and sulphur foods.

I am going to give this diet a go. Am still on disability, no real improvements, scared of taking epilepsy drugs, feeling isolated, misunderstood and frankly, I’m broke so I have to get back to work. I have goals, travel and education goals, and I need to make money in order for them to happen.

Also, in my searches for supplements to replace epilepsy drugs I find valerian recommended by many people. I have used it often to aid sleep, along with melatonin, but have never taken it all day long. Has anyone tried it? I’m wondering how much to take and how often. I am already so exhausted! But maybe calming down my brain will help, and I won’t be so tired from fighting to keep upright, and to keep clear thoughts in my head.

Wish me luck!! I haven’t been on this site much lately hope you all are doing well.


Armando, I am in the same boat. Am going to try the topamax, only because I need so desperately to get back to work, to generate the income necessary to reach my goals.

It is a tough decision. But something I have learned from reading other’s experiences on this site is that you can taper off topamax. Since my last episode resolved itself, after about a year, I am hoping this one will as well. It will just last longer that’s all.

I also intend to pursue supplements such as valerian, that are recommended for epilepsy. They help with anxiety too so it can’t hurt!

I am currently doin the majority of things that this diet calls for, just need to change a few things. I do not eat organ meats, so I will take the CoQ10 supplements instead. In fact, I will continue with the B2, Magnesium and fish oil as well. Out of fish oil right now it does make a difference in my opinion.

Thanks for your reply