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DRAFT Poll for ear symptoms

OK guys: Decided to explore an ear symptom survey. Might follow up with an eye/vision specific one later

It’ll be multi-select, you just have to say which ones you have experienced.

Here’s my draft set of symptoms.

  • Never had tinnitus with my MAV (no new sounds)
  • Ear fullness
  • Cracking sound from neck/jaw every once in a while often initiated by a yawn or opening the mouth wide when e.g. eating
  • Hissing Tinnitus
  • Pulsative Tinnitus
  • Roaring Tinnitus
  • Humming Tinnitus
  • ‘Pure-tone’ beeping tinnitus
  • ‘Industrial whine’ tinnittus
  • Very loud spike in pure tone tinnitus occasionally
  • Tinnitus in one ear usually
  • Tinnitus in both ears usually
  • Constant tinnitus
  • Tinnitus only occasionally
  • Increase in tinnitus when bending over too far (“Sound of the sea”?)
  • Increase in tinnitus when clenching jaw
  • Increase in tinnitus when turning neck to extremes.
  • Increase in tinnitus after a meal
  • Intermittent light Clicking/Ticking sound
  • Muffling of hearing for a few seconds when rising from bed
  • Bubbling, dripping, gurgling sound often when rising from having been reclined
  • Dulled hearing, especially in morning
  • Hearing own voice occasionally
  • Ears ‘pop’ spontaneously every so often
  • Feeling of ear pressure (e.g when travelling in car or train)
  • Sound distortion around loud noises
  • Intermittent ear pain in one ear
  • Intermittent ear pain in both ears

Any sensations I’ve missed? Anything I could phrase better?

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can modulate tinnitus with jaw movement - may be worth adding


Which one accounts for high pitched industrial whine that never changes?

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I’ll add!


How about adding a diagnosed with Eustachian dysfunction? Or, other ear specific diagnosis?

Just trying to keep this symptoms based, Emily. Diagnosis(es) agnostic. It’s going to be a pretty long survey as is?

Good point though - we could do another on additional diagnoses in general? (I think I’ve had at least 3) - that would be interesting!

It was you I was thinking about. You’ve done the rounds.

Indeed ££££££ lol

No kidding. In the last 3 years, not counting the pharmacy, I’ve had face to face interactions with the medical community almost 250 times. I lost count of physical therapy visits in the 60s somewhere. By now somebody should have at least upgraded this frequent medical flyer to business class. Alas, still paying for my drinks. :confused:

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They really ought to offer ‘dizzy miles’ for MAVers!

MAV’s maybe a third of it. Still … somebody could offer me some complimentary botox or something, maybe a little plush tornado doll I could pin little birds to.

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tbh, it wouldn’t have surprised me if you’d said that US insurance schemes include such an arrangement!

No, we don’t even get stickers, just expensive and often crappy care. That said, my caregivers do care about me and I feel well cared for, if depressingly misunderstood. You have to be your own patient advocate. I’ve challenged my insurance over denied claims several times and often pay cash when they fail me.


I’ll second that.


Here’s one…
Continuous low grade ear pain over 4 years prior to vertigo symptoms.

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Need to run this poll.
Thanks for reminder.