Not sure if its the MAV or meds but does anyone get a lot of dream/nightmares!! There normall wake me up and im all nervous. There like anxiety dreams?

I have several dreams a night. It’s crazy. I’m on Nortriptylene and that is one of the side effects. Not sure if you are taking anything, but if you are check the side effects… :smiley:

I’m on nori and I dream more than I used to and sometimes am half awake and half asleep dreaming and with a headache. Weird x

Ya I know what you mean Jem. It’s so weird having such vivid dreams. They seem so real sometimes.

Yes, the Ami had me dreaming all night, waking every two hours but sleeping so much I woke with a hangover head.


I’m on 20 mg ami now and having crazy, vivid dreams, nightmares.
Also wake up in the middle of the night. :evil:

Pizotifen gives me very vivid/lucid dreams… Defo related to meds. Without the meds and just suffering from mav I can’t remember dreaming I was so wiped out all of the time, swear I went straight into deep sleep and skipped rem all together. Probably why I found it so hard to wake up! Or if I did sleep normally I didn’t remember any dreams until I began taking meds…

WOW can’t believe I found this, the exact thread I was going to start!

I have the most bizarre dreams now!! I’m on Effexor, and don’t remember them being quite so frequent as when I’ve tried other meds.

Just woke up this afternoon from making cigarette lighter bombs with tie-wraps to kill the zombies in the front yard… :mrgreen:

Anybody else get them with Effexor?? Or is this possibly just a migraine thing? My sis gets nightmares all the time. Has had migraines since she was a little kid, and insomnia too.