I am a social drinker occassionally and find that i cannot toletate alcohol or wine at all…a few sips of wine or another alcoholic beverage and BAM…instant spins! Although i was never a big drinker before…this is ridiculous! Anyone else have this experience?

not me, but I know others do

Luckily for me, i find quite the opposite effect from drinking. Straightens me out for the time being, and I get a buzz! I don’t do it often, but atleast I know that I can without any ill effect.

Read this post on people on here and their use of alcohol. Quite an eye opener really! :lol: I still havent had the guts to even try a SIP since this started almost 9 months ago!!


Thanks muppo! Ill be sticking to my iced teas from now on :slight_smile:

Hi Dee,

I’m like you. Alcohol affects my balance so badly I wouldn’t even risk it any more, despite feeling almost fully recovered at the moment. I wouldnt’ dare to do something that might trigger it off again.

I’m always surprised by the mixed effects that alcohol causes on different people on here, as I would have thought that alcohol affects balance detrimentally, so anyone with a balance disorder would find it made them worse. But apparently not…

I was actually just thinking about giving alcohol a try. I have only had one beer in my entire life and it was about two years ago. It was a really cheap kind and it did make my dizziness much worse. I’m 22 and it’s really hard to not be able to drink when pretty much everyone else does. I think I’m going to give it another try. I am taking celexa right now though. Do you think it would be ok to drink while on this medicine? I don’t plan on drinking that much…

drinking is the worst! before i knew i had mav, i would get the spins so bad and ALWAYS wake up with the worst hangover. guaranteed! even after a few drinks, alcohol would make me feel just hungover icky the next day.

i have to blame mav on this one!

the thought of drinking makes me sick although i do miss the buzzed feeling although i feel like i’m dizzy buzzed 24/7…