Drop attacks

Hi just wondering hos drop attacks are categorised?
Who else suffers with them?
My symptoms was bad vertigo over the last 6-7years. Would last a week and go away and come back again about a year later

Now its comes back and been continuos but my attacks have somewhat changed and i now have had 3 attacks that only i could describe them as “drop attack”. I could be feeling fairly good etc and normal again but i then like last night got up from sofa , go to kitchen to start cooking (balance good) and then all of a sudden get this kind of like strong electric shock /jolt sensation left to right up and down and there i go i cant hack it and i kind of fall down with the symptoms happening.
Then when i am on the floor i lay down , head up abit and you think its the start of something bad like a long bout of strong dizzyness but it clears in a bout ten seconds and i sit there on kitchen floor and laugh it off and i can get up like nothing happened??
Mt anxiety returns just when i start thinking im becoming better and more resilient to this illness.

Any ideas people?
I thought it could be tumarkins which believe it or not is apparently the last stages of menieres ?

Or could be brain zaps from anxiety i have had(neuro in london said its probly that) but i havent felt anxious this last couple of days.

Its just so random. Theres no aura , it litterallt comes on violenty and i think im being pushed to floor but im not. As i decide to just fall to floor myself as its so intense.


Your drop attacks sound really unpleasant, my heart goes out to you.

I used to think I had Menieres when the spinning attacks started.

I do personally believe that these major vestibular attacks have something do to with the inner ear, but believe Meniere’s is far from the only disturbance of the inner ear.

I believe most of the medical community is in some kind of reality distortion field, where the anatomy of the inner ear no longer exists and it’s all in the brain …

Do you have low frequency hearing loss, even spells of it?

If not it probably isn’t Meniere’s.

The nearest I have personally come to drop attacks is ‘magneto head’ where you suddenly feel like your head is being pulled to the floor. Very scary and uncomfortable.

Hi thanks for your response. Ive had various ear tests etc. There definately a problem with my right inner ear.
I have high pitched tinitus, pulsating tinitus and fullness. It comes and goes really. Its quiet today thank god.
I was told low deep tinnitus is more menieres. The neuro was saying when i last saw him that its mav with element of Menieres

Your true in what you say about the dr’s moving on to other things. I think they cant get to the inner ear as its so small hence difficult to work on. You would think with all our tech nowadays that this would be easy to sort!!

Ive had three of these drop attack in last few weeks. But it happens as i feel like im getting better. I have to ask myself what sort of attack do i prefer lol as these last for seconds wherees the others were much longer.

Can you tell me abit more about this magneto attack? As see someone else mentioned this earlier.
Neuro said drop attacks were anxiety. Who knows🤷🏻‍♂️

You were anxious about something at the time?

The inner ear reacts to stress. ADH (anti-diuretic hormone), released during stress, is supposed to increase inner ear pressure.

Also increases in BP may affect an already hydropic ear.

The body is an integrated system and discussing the balance without including the inner ear in the conversation is just silly.

I recorded my ‘magneto head’ attack experience here:


I have the first two … I tend to get pulsative tinnitus in phases, often after a big meal …

I’m not sure what ‘fullness’ is like - is this when you can hear your own voice in that ear?

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I think they mean by fullness like when you go up in an airplane and your ears fill up-- that feeling. You can’t seem to pop them by opening your mouth either.

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Interesting … one of the few symptoms I don’t think I’ve had.

I’d say the hearing yr own voice echoing in that ear or a muffled sensation of noise accompanies ear fullness but is not ear ‘fullness’. I call ear fullness my ‘hamster ears’. Did you hv a pet hamster as a child. They pack two pounches in their neck with food and then store it, for the proverbial rainy day, and it’s the feeling I think they must get having all those hard sunflower seeds tightly packed in pouches under their ears. I’d call it ear ‘pressure’. To me seems the same sensation as the rear head pressure/pressure over temples @dizzy3 tells me as ‘migraine’ when I tell her I don’t get migraine headaches. I always imagine it’s caused by the same thing. Tightness, Inflammation, blood vessel constriction. Whatever. Mine don’t pulsate. If I’m lucky the next dose of drug will take the sensation away, mostly if not totally. Obviously, if I’ve ear ‘fullness’, my balance is not good. Clear ears = better balance. Helen

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I’d have said drop attacks aren’t a normal MAV feature, but having Searched the forum there are references to some. Most seem to relate to Menieres or anxiety. Wouldn’t imagine it’s common amongst MAVers. Perhaps more distinct descriptions might help. I wonder though if peope are referring to the same thing. Were you feeling fine, and suddenly maybe took a step and the floor didn’t seem to be there, or did you experience vertigo (you or room spinning), which may affect your vision and knock your balance out? Which? Both? Something different? Legs were weak? I personally wouldn’t class suddenly become so dizzy one have to slip to the floor, in a self controlled manner, to avoid a more violent uncontrolled fall a ‘drop attack. Helen