Drugs and side effects

Omg, Ive tri3d Topamax, one day was enought. Drugged me up! Im so happy to hea you are doing better :slight_smile: thats amazing progress! :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

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But how about people who get mild side effects? Im trying out low dosage of Verapamil. I hope a low dosage is good enough. Will keep you posted!

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I’d say most. But good inspiration for another user poll.

In the end of the day, it’s a quality of life balance. Do the meds improve your overall quality of life, or not? If not, stop them! Find next treatment option, rinse and repeat.

I’ve been off medicine since September and still experiencing improvements.

Medicine-free can be done. @beatles909 managed it. I’m coping fine now. I don’t even have rescue meds as I don’t have attacks anymore.

Very interested to hear about your success with Verapamil, I’m probably in too good shape to consider it, but it was something I wanted to try for a while when things were pretty bad.


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Thank you for the input. my doctor is very PRO natural healing, so he is starting me on the Verapamil, but on an extremely low dosage. That wat, it will boost a bit my recovery, but I won’t have side effects. Ill let you know how it goes. Should start this week.

If you are experiencing improvement, how are you able to do that? What is your recovery plan right now?

I was on Amitriptyline during my roughest phase … this helped reduce symptoms significantly.

However, my symptoms have simply ebbed away and continue to do so.

Bear in mind my ‘MAV’ was probably brought on by physical trauma to my ear. Was initially diagnosed with ‘MAV’ as symptoms are within the professional guidelines, but since seen another doctor who has concluded I have Secondary Hydrops, which is a condition that can be brought on by physical trauma to inner ear. The interesting part of that is not only are the symptoms the same, but the treatment and triggers are the same too.

The Amitriptyline was a big help for quality of life but I suspect I’ve been doing a lot of spontaneous healing too …

Not sure what you mean by this - taking Verapamil, whilst one of the drugs you can take in the recommended protocol is not exactly ‘natural’?

But if you mean he is a fan of conservative therapy, then that’s good!

Btw, Hain points out that Verapamil, like Amitriptyline, is useful as it has anticholinergic properties, so improves motion tolerance and reduces nausea.

Do you have any tinnitus or hearing impairment? Verapamil apparently has a good track record to tackle that …

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